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5th Sunday of Matthew (Mat 8:28-9:1)

This Gospel reminds us more or less of our own troubled time
where people who by following their own imagination and individual notions of life, create huge problems in the peaceful course of humanity. It would be no exaggeration to state that Church life in today’s world has become irrelevant. This is why as mature and serious Christians, Christ’s presence in our lives constitutes our only hope for survival. Christ teaches us that the true destiny of the human person is to exist the way God exists, that is free – free from the bounds of death; and loving – that is, ceasing to draw ones existence from ones individuality which is corrupt and mortal. Instead we are called to seek freedom which comes through personal relationships – a life as communion of love.

Just like in the land of the Gadarenes, instead of the
inhabitants of this region glorifying and praising God that Jesus Christ
was present amongst them healing their demon-possessed fellow human
beings, they rather ask Christ to distance Himself from their region.
The same happens today. We sometimes see people who try to distance us from our close proximity to our clergy, whose role is to speak about Jesus Christ, and who invite
us to follow in our lives His Divine Commandments, in order to live a life in God.
Our so called privileged era, still suffers from many social problems like: poverty, greed,
insecurity, unemployment, and confused ethics, because we live far away from Christ, we live far away from reality and the truth. Christ constantly comes close to us, this is what it means that He became human, He became incarnate for us; but we constantly distance ourselves from Him.

In the face of tomorrow’s anguish, our church comes with Christ’s Gospel
message to remind us of what a human being’s purpose is on earth: how one is return to the
Kingdom of God and became a participant of eternal life; how one can avoid eternal
death and isolation; and how one can manage to live close to God forever, together with His loved ones who have accepted His grace in the communion of the Holy Spirit.
The choice is ours.
When we live according to Christ’s commandments and we struggle for our
family members who suffer, and for those who are next to us and in need
of our help; that is, when we offer our help with much love to as many
as are in need of our assistance, then we open up the path which leads us to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Our indifference and our refusal to contribute
creatively to the solution of the problems of our fellow human beings,
means that we have already decided to live far away from God, which is the path of eternal death. However, our decision to live close to Christ in order
to return to the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life, means to trust in the guidance of our
Church, with all of us supporting in a unified manner her: pastoral,
catechetical, philanthropic, and missionary work.

Our Church with her services and her Holy Sacraments prepares us to
proceed into the life of holiness. It brings to our awareness the standard of holy people, the saints, who we should uphold as the great examples for the way we live our life.
Especially in the days, which follow, our church will venerate and honor the great person of our Most Blessed and Glorious Lady, the Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary, with the special prayer services which will begin on the 1st to the 13th of August and which will take place in all our churches.

Let us therefore all attend with much humility and the fear of God, our
Churches, in order to chant the prayer services of our most holy Virgin,
so that she can intercede for us sinners in order to continue with
patience and love the struggle of life. Let us pray for the health,
spiritual, social, and professional progress of our loved ones and of all
our fellow human beings. Let us pray for all who endure hardships, for
all who suffer injustices, for all who are ill, for all who need God’s
Only with our spiritual preparation we will be able to accept the
Godly light of transformation, so that we can mimic the Holy commandments
of our Lord and God our Saviour Jesus Christ.
In this way our hope in salvation through Christ and our entry into the Kingdom
of Heaven will be a reality for all of us.

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