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The creation of “Mode of Life Project” was borne out of a desire amongst English-speaking Orthodox faithful within Australia (across all canonical jurisdictions) to access an online site with reliable, in-depth and qualitative resources. The information and research presented, is for those who are living a life in Christ, and are guided in their journey by a canonical spiritual father. It is hoped that in providing such material, the faithful will have their experience and insights into Orthodoxy deepened, grounded, challenged and hopefully transformed. For it is this weblog’s contention that inner spiritual and ecclesial transformation is a prerequisite for being an active Christian, so that one may be able to answer Christ’s call to being, the way, the light and example (Mt 5:13-16). Thus challenging commonly-held perceptions (and misconceptions) of Christianity, and provoking an alternative vision to human-made “wisdom”.

As part of this diakonima (ministry) we seek:

  • To proclaim the living Gospel of Jesus Christ in the contemporary world.
  • To promote an integral Orthodox Christian world-view, based on the Holy Scriptures, Patristic doctrine and praxis, and the example of the lives of Christian Saints and figures, as the salvific and creative alternative to atheism and secularism with all their accompanying ideologies.
  • To provide a foundation for the restoration of a fully Christian way of life, based on discipleship, community and mystagogical (sacramental) initiation.
  • To preserve the heritage of traditional Christian culture, which is inspired by, and founded upon the eucharistic, liturgical life of the Holy Church. An inheritance which historically has found expression within many diverse forms of music, dance, the arts, cuisine, literature and local folkoloric customs.
  • To defend the one Holy, Orthodox-Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Pillar and Ground of Truth, in an age of apostasy.

Consequently this aim is no easy task to achieve, but the pastoral need that is created by: ignorance, or inaccessibility to dependable material within this immense nation-continent of Australia, has necessitated our non-funded, non-profit, and non-celebrity effort to produce or gather together a wide range of articles and multimedia resources. Characteristically, this is an ongoing process which requires time, dedication, patience and continual self-correction or refinement. As such, we welcome any assitance in terms of article contributions, information about useful online sites or multimedia resources. Naturally, our particular focus is to draw upon the thoughts, reflections, writings and general contributions of Australian based Orthodox Christian luminaries and believers, but given the universal and holistic nature of Orthodoxy and the themes that we cover, we thus do not confine ourselves to our specific context. Subsequently, this site has provided numerous useful links to Orthodox and Non-Orthodox forums, websites, weblogs and resources, thus serving as a reliable directory.

As to Non-Orthodox Christian users of Mode of Life, we welcome you in love and peace, and hope that you enjoy your tour of our humble weblog. We trust that this resource may help explain some things about the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith that you may not understand or know. Thus removing barriers to communication and interaction which engulf our troubled world in wars, greed, genocides and numerous misunderstandings. To those who specifically come from a Christian background which is not part of the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition, we simply invite you to engage with us and learn something of our Orthodox Christian heritage, which by right, is your own inheritance and history as Christians, and thus is shared by all other fellow Christians.

Nevertheless on behalf of the two co-workers who established this website, we should clarify our “credentials” to the users of this weblog so that you may know who we are and by what “authority” we serve this diakonima. We are both graduates of St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College in Sydney; and we have received the blessing of His Grace Bishop Ezekiel of Dervis, and the endorsement of His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis (who serve the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia – A jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople) for the undertaking of this site.

You are therefore invited to utilise this mode of communication for your enjoyment and spiritual edification. Your comments and feedback are always welcomed, and we wish you all the best upon your journey of faith and insight, from being in the image of God to striving to attain likeness of God, by the love in Christ.


  1. Acest blog este mare. Am fost destul de sigur c? oamenii vor g?si interesant, deoarece eu cu siguran?? nu. Obiectul de articolul dumneavoastr? este bine scris si m-am gandit eu ar trebui s? lase un compliment pic aici. Bine f?cut ?i p?stra?i-l! M-am gandit a incepe un blog WordPress prea. Stiti vreun site unde se inv??a cum?

  2. Howdy to Basili (Templestowe fellowship)

    When Fr. Daniel Byantoro gave his lecture/talk when he came to Australia, was it called “Christ, the Eternal Kalimat”
    An Indonesian Perspective on the Person and Identity of Jesus Christ.

    If so, then I believe this can be heard from this site… http://friendsofindonesia.org/news/podcast/

    It’s quite fascinating!

    Thanks for the heads-up about this Archimandrite, and quite pleasantly, Ancient Faith Radio now has a regular podcast available of Fr. Daniels talks.

    …But alas, http://orthodoxwiki.org/Daniel_(Bambang_Dwi)_Byantoro, says that “Having never been canonically released from the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, at present Fr. Daniel is officially regarded as being defrocked by OMHKSEA” – this cant be true?

    Anyways God Bless & Cheers

  3. For Vasili
    St. Sava Monastery [Serbian Monastery]
    Mt Mercer Road
    Elaine VIC 3334
    Tel: (03) 5341 5568
    Fax: (03) 5341 5661
    Abbot Teodor

  4. Hiwdy,
    Whoever is afflicgted with a quick-temper, apparently he/she who suffers this affliction will be belped to overcome it once he/she prays and asks for this Saints help.

    For help against quick-temper and despondency
    St. Tikhon of Zadonsk (August 13)

    Blessing to one & All

  5. What a pleasure to find this blog. Orthodox Christianity must be going places in Australia. The youth in your Country have hope if this is coming out of the College/Seminary.
    Be Blessed.


  7. WE HAVE ALWAYS HELD, that the essence of being canonical constitutes following the teachings of Jesus Christ as:
    (a) in the dogmatic proclamations of the Seven Oecumenical Councils;
    (b) in a diocese or church body being in communion (whether formally or not) with all jurisdictions or branches which have remained faithful to the Orthodox Christian way of life in both teaching and practice;
    (c) in the bishops having a legitimate Orthodox Apostolic Succession and Tradition. This means that Apostolic succession is always rooted in Apostolic tradition, not a mere independent laying on of hands.

    In all due respect, being part of a particular branch or Synod obviously does not make one canonical. This is especially crucial, as certain parts of Orthodoxy in modern times seem to have changed the Orthodox understanding of ‘canonical’ into a new version of papacy. Their definition of ‘canonical’ is focused on being recognized, for instance, by the Patriarch of Constantinople (as if he were some sort of Eastern pope), whereas there is no such rule in the entire Canon Law (PEDALION [“Rudder”]). They appear to have adopted the corrupted Ecclesiology of Roman Catholicism by making legitimacy or canonicity dependant upon recognition by a particular Patriarch or Pope. This “neo-papal” concept has no historical precedent in Holy Orthodoxy and contradicts centuries of Orthodox tradition back to the times of the Holy Apostles. It is as if by being in communion with a particular segment of Orthodoxy, whether Patriarchal or not, somehow would make one Orthodox.

    Seeking worldly recognition in the eyes of men and a corrupted society by merely understanding the administrative, legal unity of the church instead of the true unity, which only can exist in the authentic Orthodox way of life, is spiritually detrimental, utterly false and not at all Orthodox. The forming of self-styled organizations in mutual recognition with the purpose of denouncing others as being not canonical or in proclaiming themselves as the only legitimate ones, constitutes the grave sin of “condemning one’s brother and sister” (St. Ephraim).

    What is our call in this situation? – In order to remain canonical, we cannot join in such unholy endeavors. Living the Orthodox way of life must be most important to us. Engaging in assaults on others is contrary to the holy faith and most sinful. Let us continue to live as true Orthodox Christians who obey the Gospel commands as we invite those “of good will” (Luke 2:14) to join us. Once the worldly-minded through the grace of God will understand what ‘being canonical’ really means – then the truth shall be revealed: Where faith, doctrine and practice prevail, there is Orthodoxy. Where faith, doctrine and practice are compromised, canonicity, catholicity and Orthodoxy are absent despite any claims of communion or sort of recognition that may exist through artificial means.

  8. Dr. Nancy Henning Weres

    Thank you so much on publishing works of John Cassian, as I am trying to get rid of decades of pent up anger against the people who harmed me and who are trying to destroy our American way of life. It is very difficult to get rid of “righteous anger,” but Cassian has lots of Biblical references to help. Besides, we cannot help the Liberty Alliance, of which We the People of Australia are a great part, destroy the tyrants if we are consumed by Anger at our Enemy. Victory will be ours through Love, as Q or Puccini might say. WWG1WGA!

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