Many Australians observe Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September. It is a day for people to show their appreciation for fathers and father figures, including stepfathers, fathers-in-law, guardians (eg. foster parents), and family friends.

Traditionally, acts of appreciation are done in different ways and may include, in addition to gifts, brunches, lunches, or dinners either at home, at a restaurant, or at community centres. Many also participate in Father’s Day charity activities to raise money for worth causes. Some families may prefer to visit places of worship together, like our faithful at the Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church in Yallourn North.

Deep faith is stronger than a powerful army In his Sermon during the Divine Liturgy on 1 September 2013, the Very Reverend Fr Milan Milutinovic preached on the story of a father whose son was suffering from Epilepsy. He asked the Apostles for help and they did their best, but to no avail. In an act of desperation the father went straight to Jesus to ask for help. Jesus Christ dispelled the Evil One from the child’s body to the amazement of the Apostles, who wanted to know how he did it. According to St Mathew, Lord’s answer was unexpectedly short and clear: Your belief is not deep enough. Fr Milan went on to say that it is pure faith that has kept the small church community going, despite many predicting its closure and imminent end. Fr Milan is adamant, despite their modest number, with deep faith they can be stronger than the most powerful army. Special lunch and “Orahovac” for Father’s Day

The Circle of Serbian Sisters always put some good food on the table, but for Father’s Day they surpassed themselves. They greeted all the fathers with a small glass of “Orahovac” from the cellar of Vlado Šuša from Sale. The table was laden with traditional homemade Serbian food, followed by delicious sweets. Liliana Bojić brought some fine wine from a Lake Glenmaggie vineyard. Fr Milan blessed the Agape Table, often considered in Orthodoxy to be part of the “Liturgy after the Liturgy”, and the afternoon was spent honouring the fathers with traditional Serbian hospitality and fellowship.

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