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St Aidan of Lindisfarne (Commemorated on 31st August)

  The Other Great Apostle of the English and Enlightener of Northumbria “Verily, Saint Aidan, the first Bishop of Lindisfarne, kindled the lamp of Christianity in the North of England. It was a lamp whose rays would illumine the civilisation of Western Europe and give Lindisfarne a Golden Age whose afterglow confers upon the little island still an aura, an ... Read More »

Modern Greek Theologians and the Greek Fathers

For several centuries after the fall of Constantinople, Greek theological writing was dominated by an arid scholasticism. This paper seeks to show how since the Second World War modern Greek theologians, with the help of a number of diaspora theologians and Western patristic scholars, have re-engaged with the Greek Fathers. Four theologians are discussed in some detail: Gontikakis, Nellas, Yannaras ... Read More »

Salvation Is Indeed By Grace

At a recent, post-liturgical coffee hour, a catechumen raised a question that has troubled many people who were brought up in a Protestant environment and at some point found themselves drawn to Orthodoxy. “If we are saved by grace, and not by works,” he asked, “why does the Orthodox Church put so much stress on ascetic practice? Why should it ... Read More »

Sunday Before Epiphany: Mark 1:1-8; 2 Timothy 4:5-8

We as Christians have just received a new life which is that of God who has come into this world as one of us, in order to cleanse and save us by showing the way of salvation. In the same way that Christ and His Incarnation was foretold by the Prophets of old so also, St. John the Forerunner had ... Read More »

The Passing of a Great Man – Manuel Aroney (1932-2011)

Ethnic ambassador a champion of rights February 28, 2011 Manuel Aroney, 1932-2011. Even a near-fatal heart attack when he was in his mid-40s didn’t stop Manuel Aroney from living a full life of work and family, as well as giving years of service to the ethnic communities in Australia and his church. Read More »