Greek ladies in Perth find big success sharing family recipes

A local cookbook compiled by a group of Greek women celebrating their traditional cuisine from the island of Kastellorizo and other parts of Greece has proven to be a big fat Greek hit, selling out soon after its release By Nelly Skoufatoglou 11 May 2017 – Neos Kosmos Newspaper Last October saw the launch of From Our Greek Kitchen to ... Read More »

Book Review: A Christian Ending – A Handbook for Burial in the Ancient Christian Tradition

Brief Facts Authors: Deacon Mark and Matushka Elizabeth Barna Publisher: Divine Ascent Press, 2011 Pages: 196 ISBN: 9780971413962 Reviewed By Matushka Constantina Palmer While the below is a re-post of a book review I did in 2012, I wanted to include it in this year’s Truth of Our Faith series because I believe it is important for Orthodox Christians to know there ... Read More »

Book Review: Two Modern Greek Titans of Mind and Spirit

Reviewed by Fr John Palmer Two Modern Greek Titans of Mind and Spirit: The Private Correspondence of Constantine Cavarnos and Photios Kontoglou. Trans. Archimandite Patapios. (Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies: Etna, 2014). It is truly unfortunate that we in the English-speaking Orthodox world know so little about either Constantine Cavarnos or Photios Kontoglou. Our knowledge of Cavarnos is likely limited to ... Read More »


  Title: Windows to Orthodoxy Author: Dr Guy Freeland Publisher: St Andrew’s Orthodox Press (Sydney) Year of Publication: 2013 ISBN: 9780977597475 For quite a number of years, Dr Guy Freeland has been dedicated to the promotion of Orthodox theological discourse and learning within Australia, specifically in areas of liturgics and liturgical expression. And as part of this vocation of love, he has ... Read More »

Book Review: Gregory Palamas. The Triads.

Gregory Palamas. The Triads. Translated by Nicholas Gendle.  London: SPCK, 1983. 172pp. Palamas’s treatise the Triads in Defence of the Holy Hesychasts is presented in this translation under six headings: Philosophy does not save; Apophatic theology as positive experience; The Hesychast method of prayer, and the transformation of the body; Deification in Christ; The uncreated glory; and Essence and energies ... Read More »


FACTS IN BRIEF Title: God’s Power within You: Attitudes for Living Author: Dr. Peter M. Kalellis, PhD. Publisher: Paulist Press (New York/Mahwah NJ: 2010) ISBN Number: 9780809146550 Pages: 100 REVIEW The Roman Catholic publishing house “Paulist Press”, has usually been quite adept at selecting and publishing good quality works of theology, Christian spirituality and pastoral ministry. This particular work under ... Read More »

Book Review: The Saints of Anglo-Saxon England (9th – 11th Centuries)

Author: Vladimir Moss Publisher: St Nectarios Press, Seattle: Washington (1992). A rather interesting three volume collection of hagiographical accounts of saints which due to their era have often been forgotten, overlooked or not widely known. There is more literature available about the evangelists and early saints of England, as well as the ecclesial circumstances of their time. Yet as the ... Read More »

Book Review – Creation & The Patriarchal Histories

Orthodox Christian Reflections on the Book of Genesis Author: Fr Patrick H. Reardon Publisher: Conciliar Press (2008) The intention of this particular book is not to serve as a purely exegetical work on Scripture in the traditional sense, but to serve as an accompaniment to the Scriptures. It does not aim to spoon feed the reader, but rather to help ... Read More »