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Military Saints

Diatribe: Saint Demetrios

      Saint Demetrios’ popularity in the Orthodox faith as a warrior saint is strange considering the Church’s pacifist teachings  Dean Kalimniou – Neos Kosmos – 20 Oct 2014 The traditional iconography of some of the ‘warrior’ saints of the Orthodox Church has always disconcerted me a little. Saint Eustathios, Saint Minas, Saint George and Saint Dimitrios are invariably ... Read More »


Commemorated on the 27 November Prologue The great and ancient land of Persia has contributed much to the culture and civilisation of humankind, excelling in many fields and enriching us particularly with its exquisite arts, its gardens and its rich but sublime literature. It is a land of many contrasts and diverse peoples, but regretfully, this beautiful nation under God’s ... Read More »

Holy Great Martyr, Niketas (Nicetas) the Goth Feastday 15th September

St Niketas the Goth: Historical Background The difficulty in acquiring knowledge or an understanding about the life or times of St. Niketas, stems in part from the turbulent era into which he was born in. A period which historians sometimes term the Dark Ages due to the lack of extensive or surviving written documentation which could help us better understand ... Read More »