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Commentaries and Diatribes

Recognising genocide

Genocide is the responsibility of the entire world – Ann Clwyd Dean Kalimniou – 22 May 2013 A few weeks ago, an article penned by John Williams appeared in Quadrant entitled, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Greeks from Gallipoli, April 1915.” This marks a rare moment where a mainstream publication has attempted to draw attention to an aspect of the Gallipoli ... Read More »

Ataturk’s ‘letter’ expresses admirable sentiment but is not necessarily good history

Peter Stanley and David Stephens – Sydney Morning Herald   At the end of John Ford’s 1962 movie, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, the James Stewart character asks the journalist whether he plans to print the truth about the death of the notorious outlaw. The journalist, having heard the real story, rips up his notes and replies, “When the legend becomes ... Read More »


15 Jul 2014 – Neos Kosmos Newspaper “Τα διαφόροις των παλαιών περί τε γεωργίας και επιμέλειας φυτών και σπορίμων και ετέρων πολλών χρήσιμων ειρημένα συλλέξας εις εν, τουτί το βιβλίον συντέθεικα.” – Γεωπονικά On the extraordinarily rare occasions when my grandparents would be ready to admit that a particular piece of agricultural lore was beyond them, they would seek answers in ... Read More »


Every year, when Greek Independence Day approaches, we hear within our community the retelling of this great event as the fight for freedom from oppression and tyranny of “Turkokratia” (Ottoman rule). Yet the explanation remains at this basic and superficial level, without much qualification or thought, as Greeks then adjourn to attend to “celebrations” and glendia dressed as “cultural” events. ... Read More »