The Byzantines of Cornwall

In the far off land, a monument in the Landulph parish church commemorates the Palaeologus family Dean Kalymniou – 20 Apr 2015 In the common consciousness of the Greeks, Byzantium and its last ruling dynasty the Palaeologus family came to an end on 29 May 1453 when the last Emperor, Constantine Palaeologus, fell in battle, fighting Mehmet the Conqueror and ... Read More »


INTRODUCTION The Pitești prison (Romanian: Închisoarea Pitești) was a penal facility in Pitești, Romania, best remembered for the brainwashing experiments carried out by the Communist authorities of Romania between 1949 and 1952 (also known as Experimentul Pitești – the “Pitești Experiment” or Fenomenul Pitești – the “Pitești Phenomenon”). The Pitești Experiment was designed as a way of “reeducating” political prisoners opposed to the communist government of Romania. The experiment was designed as an attempt at violently “reeducating” ... Read More »