Fr Brendan Pelphery

Reflections of an Orthodox Pilgrim

By Fr Brendan Pelphery Converts to Orthodoxy are frequently asked why we became Orthodox. Since my wife and I were chrismated in 1995 we have answered this question hundreds of times, but often it is difficult to know exactly what to say. It is not that our story changes each time, but that the reason for asking can be different ... Read More »


By Father Brendan Pelphrey, PhD The Orthodox Church is the original Christian church on Earth. It has existed since the Day of Pentecost, described in Acts Ch. 2 in the Bible. Through the centuries the Orthodox way of worship, and the Orthodox faith, have not changed. The Orthodox Christian faith is Biblical faith. The New Testament was written by the ... Read More »

Mission at the Mall – A Christmas Reflection of Fr. Brendan Pelphrey

PART I: STAYING FAITHFUL TO ORTHODOX TRADITION Christmas has already arrived at Wal-Mart, as in shopping malls and retail stores everywhere. It began as soon as Halloween, which was celebrated from August to the end of October, drew to an end. Overnight, plastic Santas and singing wreaths replaced orange candy on the shelves, and sound systems have begun to blare ... Read More »


By Fr. Brendan Pelphery (Friday, 27th Febuary 2004. Source: http://dto.thischurch.org) Like many Orthodox churches, Annunciation Cathedral in Houston, Texas is set on a hill. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid” (Matt. 5:14). Ours is certainly not a literal hill, because this part of Texas is perfectly flat. But ... Read More »