5th Week

Catechesis for 5th Week in Great Lent by Saint Theodore the Studite

CATECHESIS 68 That we must be renewed for what is ahead through endurance of the trials that fall upon us, both visible and invisible. [On the 5th Sunday.] Brethren and fathers, because winter has passed and spring has arrived, we see creation flourishing again; the plants are flowering, the earth is growing green, the birds are singing and everything else ... Read More »

Saturday of the Akathist Hymn

By Elder Epiphanios Theodoropoulos This Saturday (Saturday of the fifth week of the Great Lent) we chant the Akathist Hymn during Matins. In our days however this does not happen except in the holy monasteries, since in the parishes it is chanted the evening before, on Friday during the Small Compline. The Akathist Hymn is a “Kontakion”. In olden times ... Read More »

The Akathistos Hymn

The Akathistos is the most famous of all surviving Byzantine kontakia. This work, which celebrates the annunciation of the Virgin and the nativity of Christ, consists of two prooemia (introductory hymns) and 24 strophes bound by an alphabetic acrostic. The Akathistos (Greek: “not seated”) was, and still is, performed while the congregation stands. The even-numbered stanzas carry an alleluia refrain, ... Read More »

The Canon of Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete

The end is at hand, my soul, is at hand! But you neither care nor prepare. The time is growing short. Arise! The Judge is at the door! Like a dream, like a flower, the time of this life passes. Why do we bustle about in vain? (Fourth ode of the Canon of Saint Andrew) The central theme of Lent ... Read More »