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Current Affairs, Developments, Persecution & Christianophobia

Review of the Syria Crisis – What has been said in the Media

A “LION EAGER” TO TEAR SYRIA TO PIECES by Manlio Dinucci While the Heads of State and Government of the G8 noted their disagreement on Syria, the NATO powers and the GCC are conducting “Eager Lion” war games in Jordan. Their aim is to set up an attack to be launched from the Jordan desert against the Syrian air force ... Read More »

Why Won’t the West Defend Middle Eastern Christians?

Why has the suffering of the Middle Eastern Christian communities not ignited outrage and support from Western Christians? The answer has something to do with Israel and the Second Coming, writes Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch. In the autumn of 2008, I was in Syria shooting a BBC TV series A History of Christianity. It’s painful to look back on that happy time, ... Read More »

Good News From Egypt

Egypt’s Muslims attend Coptic Christmas Liturgy, serving as “human shields” Yasmine El-Rashidi, Friday 7 Jan 2011 Muslims turned up in droves for the Coptic Christmas liturgy Thursday night, offering their bodies, and lives, as “shields” to Egypt’s threatened Christian community Egypt’s majority Muslim population stuck to its word Thursday night. What had been a promise of solidarity to the weary ... Read More »

Pillager of Monasteries in Maaloula Found Dead

On December 26, 2013 vocative.com published the article The Religious Spoils of War, which featured an interview with Syrian rebel Abu Jafar, leader of the “Battalion of the Martyr Abu Taan”, which is an offshoot of “Free Kalamoon”. Abu Jafar was revealed to be the one responsible with pillaging the Monasteries of Saint Thekla and Saint Sergius in Maaloula which he ... Read More »


LAW BEING PREPARED IN GREECE DECLARING OFFENSIVE CERTAIN “EXPRESSIONS” FROM THE GOSPEL Athens, December 1, 2013 Metropolitan Nicholas of Fthiotida, one of leading Hierarchs of the Church of Greece, has spoken about a new bill of the Greek government banning the reading of certain “offensive” stories from the Gospel, introducing responsibility for patriotism, and legalizing same-sex “marriages”. The Greek government ... Read More »


An open letter to European Union Representative, Thomas Hammarberg About a week and a half ago, one of Georgia’s largest newspapers, Kviris Palitra (“The Weekly Pallet”) published an open letter from the Georgian intelligentsia to the special representative of the European Union to Georgia, Thomas Hammarberg. The letter entitled “Respect Our Traditions!” was signed by such literary giants as Chabua Ameradzhibi and Rezo Amashukeli, the ... Read More »

Orphaned Girls and 12 Nuns Abducted from Maaloula’s St Thecla Convent – The Farcical Tragedy of the Syria Crisis Continues

These last few days have been a rather interesting one for the conflict in Syria. A conflict that we should cite has run a course of some 3 years, which initially was presented to the world by America, Israel and certain Gulf Arab and European countries as a popular uprising against Bashar Al-Assad’s regime that would herald democracy, freedom and ... Read More »

The Syrian Crisis in Light of the Decline of Europe

Dmitry MININ | Thursday, May 30, 2013, 13:20 Beijing What does the legalization of single-sex «marriages» in France, which even such desperate acts as Dominique Venner’s suicide in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris have been unable to stop, have in common with the civil war in Syria? The common factor is that in both cases we can see ... Read More »