Appeals court rules that teenagers have a right to use opposite sex’s showers and locker rooms

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals supported Caitlyn Hope Grimm’s bid to be recognized as a boy. RICHMOND, Virginia, April 21, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided a teenage girl has an inalienable right to use the boys’ showers, locker rooms, and restrooms at her high school. The American Civil Liberties Union brought suit ... Read More »

On India and Buddhism – Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Patriarch Bartholomew speaks out on India and Buddhism: Behind the “New Age” movement one can also discern a rediscovery of India, and particularly of Buddhism. Many westerners today report that they find true serenity in Buddhism. They learn that there exists a dharma (to use the Sanskrit word), a path of salvation, a world order; one could even call it ... Read More »

Letter from Taybeh: Paschal Greetings from the Holy Land 2016

Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh, We are sending you sincere greetings from the sacred land of our Lord’s Resurrection on this most joyous Holy Saturday where the Miracle of the Holy Fire was received from the Holy-Life-Giving-Tomb-of-Christ in Jerusalem by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch His Beatitude Theophilos III. We prayerfully and anxiously waited until 5:30 pm to receive the Miracle of the Holy Fire ... Read More »

Letter from Taybeh: Palm Sunday Greetings from the West Bank

Hosanna in the highest, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh, Today we celebrated a glorious Holy Palm Sunday with a beautiful ecumenical procession with all three of our church communities marching in the streets of the village leading to the 4th century Byzantine ruins of St. George Church. So ... Read More »

Athonite Abbots to Meet Concerning the Upcoming Pan-Orthodox Council

The Athonite Monasteries of Koutloumousiou, Xeropotamou, Zographou, Kapakallou, Philtheou, and Gregoriou have all written letters to the Holy Community of Mt. Athos in reaction to the Pan-Orthodox draft documents prepared for the upcoming Council in Crete. In these letters the Holy Athonite Monasteries have responded to the draft documents and methodology of the Pan-Orthodox Council with sharp and pointed reactions. ... Read More »

The motive for the attacks in Paris and Brussels

By Thierry Meyssan We don’t yet know who ordered the attacks in Paris and Brussels. Several potential leads have been mentioned, but only the hypothesis of an operation decided by Turkey has any serious backing. Thierry Meyssan describes the secret conflict which, for the last five years, has haunted the relations between the Europan Union, France and Turkey. Voltaire Network ... Read More »


Well…let me tell you something! I have come to the conclusion that Cyprus deserves what it has coming to it! It’s biggest enemy are its own citizens who hardly give a damn what happens to it because they fail to stand up and protect their rights and neither this beautiful island of ours. The government has plans to allow a ... Read More »

The Australian Newspaper: Islamist ideology poses a threat to other faiths

THE AUSTRALIAN – MARCH 29, 2016 The Pope celebrated Easter by washing the feet of Muslims and praying for peace. Islamist militants celebrated Easter by slaughtering Christians. Jihadist groups state openly their mission is to destroy Christianity, but Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge that Islamism is a political ideology rooted in violent theology. Western counter-terrorism strategy commonly reflects Obama’s false ... Read More »

Revolution of the Mind: WHITE/BLANK PROTEST VOTE

Andreas C Chrysafis The battle for the May 2016 parliamentary elections in Cyprus is in full swing and sabres crisscrossing between rival groups are rattling like never before. On the other hand people are in a sombre mood with electoral fatigue, apathy and a feeling of betrayal by the political establishment implicated in financial scandals, institutional corruption and banking fraud ... Read More »