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Discourses in Australian Media

Mixed Messages from Bill Shorten regarding Gay Marriage Plebscite

Bill Shorten flips on gay marriage plebiscite The Australian – 29 June 2016 Dennis Shanahan (Political Editor, Canberra) Bill Shorten told religious leaders and Christian voters in the final days of the 2013 election campaign that he was “completely relaxed about having some form of plebiscite” on same-sex marriage. In video footage ­obtained by The Australian, the ­Opposition Leader outlined ... Read More »

Turnbull, Shorten trip up on marriage equality

  The Australian – 29 June 2016 David Crowe, Political correspondent Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull endured a difficult day. It had to happen after almost eight weeks of official campaigning: Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are flagging in the final stretch. Both struggled to set the agenda on Wednesday as they found themselves on the defensive on the same ... Read More »

Gender Ideology – What are we teaching our children?

New Sexuality Education Many of our schools are teaching our children a new sexuality and gender ideology which has been around for some time in academia but has recently been introduced into our schools and has become more obvious because of the Same Sex Marriage debate and because of the controversy surrounding the Safe Schools Coalition Program. This new sexuality ... Read More »

Same-sex marriage debate gets personal

The Australian – 23 June 2016 Rosie Lewis, Reporter Labor senator Penny Wong is worried a plebiscite ­on same-sex marriage would license hate speech. Labor hardened its stand against the government’s gay marriage plebiscite as frontbencher Penny Wong appealed to drop the people’s vote, which she said would ­“license hate speech to those who need little encouragement”. But Scott Morrison ... Read More »

Three-parent IVF technique found to be ‘safe in lab tests’

The Australian Newspaper – Friday 10 June A British study of a new three-parent IVF technique ­designed to reduce the risk of mothers passing hereditary ­diseases to their babies has found it is likely to work well and lead to normal pregnancies. The House of Commons voted last year to become the first in the world to allow the three-parent ... Read More »

Does screen love scramble our brains?

The Australian – 25 May 2016 John Ross – Higher Education reporter, Sydney Internet addiction has been linked with lower grey matter volume in the right frontal pole, which has a potential impact on decision-making and willpower. Internet addiction has been linked with lower grey matter volume in the right frontal pole, which has a potential impact on decision-making and ... Read More »

Socio-Political Commentary: Greens under Di Natale pose a danger to Australian freedoms

The Australian, 28 May 2016 Janet Albrechtsen Just over a year after Richard Di Natale’s surprise accession to the Greens leadership, it’s time to lay bare for voters the baloney that greeted his promotion. Remember how sections of the media told us that the smiling, homely doctor promised a more middle-of-the-road party? Propagating that line last June, The Monthly cooed ... Read More »

Labor follows Greens on Safe Schools

The Australian – May 19, 2016 Joe Kelly – Political reporter Labor will review the carve-outs in Australia’s anti-discrimination laws, with Bill Shorten leaving open the door to removing further exemptions for religious institutions. The Opposition Leader also committed to extending funding for the contentious Safe Schools program beyond 2017 while providing no solid defence of religious freedoms amid a ... Read More »

Children sexualised in school diversity programs

The Australian – April 15, 2016 The sexualisation of children is not a method of domestic violence prevention. At worst it is an insidious form of abuse, often used by pedophiles to groom their victims. Yet Daniel Andrews’s government has funded another program in schools that encourages adults to sexualise children and expose them to sexually explicit materials. Such behaviour ... Read More »

Year 8 kids to study sex ads under ‘domestic violence’ curriculum

The Australian – April 14, 2016 Natasha Bita – National correspondent, Brisbane Students as young as 12 will study sexualised personal ads and write their own advertisements seeking the “perfect partner’’ as part of a new school curriculum supposed to combat family violence. The classroom material includes an example ad from a “lustful, sexually generous’’ person seeking “sexy freak out ... Read More »