By Archbishop Stylianos of Australia     I had mentioned recently, in a previous issue of our magazine, that it would sometimes perhaps be more edifying and consoling (for the majority of readers) to present some specific descriptions of the astonishing examples of ‘holiness’ among our people here, whom I have known personally, rather than go through theoretical analyses of ... Read More »


By John Gresham I have a friend who is considering becoming an Orthodox Christian.  She is African-American and is concerned that by joining the Orthodox Church that she would be turning her back on black culture.  While she likes everything about the ancient faith, she notices the lack of Negro spirituals and the preaching style of the church we grew ... Read More »


Metropolitan George of Guinea Since the day the worst outbreak of Ebola struck West Africa, the few airlines that flew there have greatly limited the number of their flights. Others felt it right to suspend air travel to West Africa because the cabin crew refused to put themselves at risk due to the outbreak, or due to decreased demand, or ... Read More »

Teaching love in Sierra Leone

    As a teacher, Eleni Athinodorou wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Her wish came true when she found herself working for the Orthodox mission in Sierra Leone 7 May 2015 – Neos Kosmos Newspaper NIKOS FOTAKIS “Hi, this is Eleni from Brisbane. Christos Anesti!” The cheerful, youthful voice on the phone belongs to Eleni ... Read More »

Don’t be Like the Frogs in the Tub

Archpastoral Reflection from His Eminence The story is told about a number of frogs which were placed by scientists in a tub of water whose temperature was exactly the same as the pond from which they were taken. The scientists slowly increased the temperature and were soon astonished to see that, even though the water gradually became warmer, the frogs ... Read More »

Reflections of an Orthodox Pilgrim

By Fr Brendan Pelphery Converts to Orthodoxy are frequently asked why we became Orthodox. Since my wife and I were chrismated in 1995 we have answered this question hundreds of times, but often it is difficult to know exactly what to say. It is not that our story changes each time, but that the reason for asking can be different ... Read More »

The Orthodox Church in Pakistan

History of the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan Fr. John Tanveer was born into a Roman Catholic family in Hafizabad, Pakistan in 1952, the third of six children. His zealousness for the faith and thirst for learning led him to enroll in the seminary, and in 1986 he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest. For the next 10 years Fr. John ... Read More »


By Metropolitan Makarios (Tillyrides) of Kenya Archbishop Makarios III of Cyprus During his lifetime, the most contradictory views have been expressed concerning the personality and conduct of Archbishop Makarios. He was a classical example of the time-serving prelate, a superb diplomat who had an exceptional flair for appropriate conduct, a staunch defender of Orthodoxy and wise leader who helped the church ... Read More »

‘Strangers are friends you have yet to meet’

By Open Producer Susan Rooney-Harding, Open Producer from Riverland SA Thu 06 Jan 2011 I met Father Dimitrios when I was doing a ‘Now and Then’ workshop with Poppy, a Greek Community member, and thought that it would be great time to start ‘A Stranger a Day’ project. Father Dimitrios struck me as a kind and gentle man. As we ... Read More »