Elderly suicides ‘unbearable to think about’


The Australian – 29th September 2016  Rick Morton, Social Affairs Reporter Older Australians who die by ­suicide at a rate dramatically higher than young people are hidden in the public debate because the “thought of grandfathers and grandmothers killing themselves is almost unbearable”. Latest suicide data, released yesterday by the Australian ­Bureau of Statistics, reveals men aged 85 and older ... Read More »

ALP’s anti-plebiscite drive reflects audacity of hate


The Australian – 28 September 2016 Jennifer Oriel There is something rather dangerous about the gay marriage debate — and it is not homosexuality or marriage. It is the view widely held by our political Left that ­liberal democratic precepts can be overridden whenever they interfere with politically correct ideology. Not content merely to deny the democratic mandate of millions ... Read More »

Baby born with DNA from three people in revolutionary advance


The Australian Newspaper – Wednesday 28th September A baby has been born for the first time from a new technique that combines DNA from three people. The goal is to prevent the child from inheriting a fatal genetic disease from the mother. The birth, of a boy, is revealed in a research summary published by the journal Fertility & Sterility. ... Read More »

Free speech inimical to Left’s stifling orthodoxies


The Australian – Wednesday 21 September 2016 Janet Albrechtsen Perhaps it was the delirium of pneumonia that allowed Hillary Clinton to speak so freely, putting half of Donald Trump’s supporters in what she called the “basket of deplorables”. Like the in vino veritas that sets in after a few drinks, Clinton’s honesty was refreshing. They are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, ... Read More »

Labor commits $6m for Safe Schools

Bill Shorten Advocate of the Paedophilic Safe Schools Program

The Australian – 28 June 2016 Rebecca Urban Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will fund the Safe Schools Coalition. Picture: Kym Smith Bill Shorten has confirmed Labor’s commitment to financing the Safe Schools Coalition, assigning an additional $6 million to the sexual and gender diversity program. The grant, contained within the ALP’s just-released policy costings, represents a $2m-a year allocation, restoring funding ... Read More »

Greens want free vote on euthanasia

Richard Di Natale

The Australian –  28 June 2016 Greg Brown The Greens have promised to table legislation that would legalise euthanasia in the next parliament and has called on the two major parties to allow a free vote on the issue. The party said it would consult with the medical profession to ­decide the best termination method, but noted that the favoured ... Read More »

Marriage about commitment not gender: PM

Same Sex marriage

By Elise Scott AAP – 30 June 2016 The key to marriage is commitment, and if a same-sex couple has that for each other it won’t have any impact on the heterosexual marriage of the prime minister. It’s Malcolm Turnbull explanation of why he believes couples of the same gender should be able to wed in Australia. “The threat to ... Read More »

Gay marriage plebiscite ‘could be held before end of year’

Blank votes at Ballot box

The Australian – 29 June 2016 Joe Kelly, Political reporter Turnbull: “Same sex marriage will be legislated for by the Australian Parliament”. Picture: Jason Edwards Malcolm Turnbull says a plebiscite on same sex marriage could be held before the end of the year and, if successful, promises the enabling legislation would “sail through the parliament.” The Prime Minister came under ... Read More »

‘Ugly’ Irish gay marriage defence rejected

Tiernan Brady

The Australian – 30 June 2016 Rick Morton, Social Affairs reporter, Melbourne The architect of Irish gay marriage referendum Yes campaign Tiernan Brady, in Australia helping on the effort here. Picture: Hollie Adams One of the architects of Ireland’s overwhelming victory for “yes” in its same-sex marriage referendum has disputed Bill Shorten’s depiction of the Irish experience as ugly division. ... Read More »