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Baby born with DNA from three people in revolutionary advance

The Australian Newspaper – Wednesday 28th September A baby has been born for the first time from a new technique that combines DNA from three people. The goal is to prevent the child from inheriting a fatal genetic disease from the mother. The birth, of a boy, is revealed in a research summary published by the journal Fertility & Sterility. ... Read More »

Three-parent IVF technique found to be ‘safe in lab tests’

The Australian Newspaper – Friday 10 June A British study of a new three-parent IVF technique ­designed to reduce the risk of mothers passing hereditary ­diseases to their babies has found it is likely to work well and lead to normal pregnancies. The House of Commons voted last year to become the first in the world to allow the three-parent ... Read More »

Renting Wombs is a Human Wrong, not a Human Right

The Council of Europe has rejected a report recommending the legalization of surrogacy. This decision is a victory for human rights: Despite arguments that surrogacy is “compassionate,” its history of contentious litigation and documented human rights abuses make clear that it is a grave wrong. On Tuesday, March 15, a decision was made in Paris that can only be described ... Read More »

British woman gives birth to her own grandson, acting as surrogate mother for her gay son

Thaddeus Baklinski  Wed Mar 11, 2015 March 11, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A British woman has given birth to her own grandson, acting as a surrogate mother for her homosexual son. Kyle Casson’s 46-year-old mother, Anne-Marie Casson, 46, of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, carried a donated egg fertilized with her son’s sperm. The UK’s 2008 Human Fertilization and Embryology Act, which governs ... Read More »

3-Way Embryo IVF: A modern-day Frankenstein of science and ethics?

MODE OF LIFE INTRODUCTION Dearly beloved readers, we post this selection of articles from the British Roman Catholic online site “The Catholic Herald”, as it raises a very serious issue regarding the current discussion and legalisation of Three-way IVF within the United Kingdom. I suspect, that this issue of three-parent babies will become another one of these bio-ethical issues that ... Read More »