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Other Pastoral Concerns

‘Really worrying’: Anaesthetic affects children’s brains

By Liam Mannix 28 April 2018 – The Age Newspaper General anaesthetic might be bad for children’s brains – but poverty, poor nutrition or delaying life-saving surgery is much worse, say experts. An alarming new Australian study published this week linked a dose of ‘general’ anaesthetic with a small but significant dip in school performance and brain development for thousands ... Read More »

Religious instruction scrapped from curriculum

Victorian schools will scrap special religious instruction from class time, with changes to the state’s curriculum throwing the future of the controversial program in doubt. The Andrews government has ordered that the weekly 30 minute program move to lunchtime and before and after school in 2016 to make way for new content on world histories, cultures, faiths and ethics. Classes that ... Read More »

WA Government MP hits out ‘militant’ gay tolerance program for schools

A Western Australian Liberal MP has warned colleagues and parents about an anti-homophobic bullying program for schools that he claims is a gay “lifestyle promotion program”. WA Government backbencher Peter Abetz has hit out at the program that promotes tolerance and understanding of teens who self-identify as gay, lesbian or transgender. The ordained former pastor of the Christian Reformed Church ... Read More »

Church sympathetic to AIDS sufferers

We realise the urgent need for proper education, says Bishop Seraphim     By John Pyrros – Neos Kosmos Saturday 26 July 2014 Melbourne played host to AIDS 2014 conference, bringing together the world’s leading experts on HIV/AIDS and others trying to bring an end to the deadly disease. But where does the Greek Orthodox Church stand on HIV/AIDS prevention, ... Read More »

Sex laws make Sydney ideal for ‘virgin auctions’ – (The title says it all on how morally bankrupt people are today)

Sydney has become a hub for virginity auctions according to a number of men and women who have planned to make their fortunes having and selling sex for the first time in Australia. In recent years a number of high-profile virginity auctions have captured public attention with a majority of them involving Australia’s largest city.  Medical student Hanna Kern, who ... Read More »

Why are Premarital Relations Not Allowed?

Transcript of part of a homily by Protopresbyter Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos, during the summer of 2003 for an audience of young people with related queries. Question: Why aren’t premarital relations permitted? Fr. Constantine: Look, my child, all things possess a lovely use, so I can’t use them the way that I want, right? Everything has a lovely use. So, we ... Read More »