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Elderly suicides ‘unbearable to think about’

The Australian – 29th September 2016  Rick Morton, Social Affairs Reporter Older Australians who die by ­suicide at a rate dramatically higher than young people are hidden in the public debate because the “thought of grandfathers and grandmothers killing themselves is almost unbearable”. Latest suicide data, released yesterday by the Australian ­Bureau of Statistics, reveals men aged 85 and older ... Read More »

Greens want free vote on euthanasia

The Australian –  28 June 2016 Greg Brown The Greens have promised to table legislation that would legalise euthanasia in the next parliament and has called on the two major parties to allow a free vote on the issue. The party said it would consult with the medical profession to ­decide the best termination method, but noted that the favoured ... Read More »

Treat suicide as the human tragedy it is

Herald Sun -13th June 2016 Tony Kerin As chaplain to a big Melbourne hospital, I often provide comfort and support to those dying and their families. Another part of my ministry in the parish is visiting families in the aftermath of suicide. The death of a loved one leaves those close to them with a sense of pain and loss, ... Read More »

The insane message legalizing ‘death with dignity’ sends to the suicidal

By Jonathon Van Maren Nov. 16, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – I’d like the defenders of euthanasia and so-called “death with dignity” to explain something to me. How is the legalization and relentless promotion of “assisted suicide” not the “glorification of suicide”? I’m tired of all of transparently mindless babble about how “assisted suicide” is not a slippery slope. The phrase itself ... Read More »

The euthanasia lobby has hijacked the phrase ‘dying with dignity’

The Age – 17 November 2014 Jack de Groot “We accompany people and their loved ones each day as they go through their own processes of dying.” The hijacking of the term “dying with dignity” by today’s supporters of euthanasia and assisted suicide is an insult to the dedicated doctors, nurses and pastoral carers who daily provide compassionate care, pain ... Read More »


A few decades ago, a distant relative here in Melbourne committed suicide. At the time, he was afflicted by a debilitating mental illness that altered his perception of reality. His death was confronting and infinitely traumatising for all of those who knew him and loved him. At his funeral, the priest did his utmost to console his heartbroken family. He ... Read More »


Greg Donnelly MLC Parliament of New South Wales 29th April 2013 Having failed to obtain the necessary support for physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia legislation in other states and territories the Greens have now turned their attention to New South Wales. Nobody should be surprised. They promised but failed to introduce a bill in 2011 and 2012. With a federal election coming up ... Read More »