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St Paisios of Mt Athos

Saint Paisios the Cappadocian of Mt Athos: Simplify Your Lives

Secular people say, “How lucky are the wealthy people who live in palaces and have all kinds of conveniences:” In truth, blessed are those who have succeeded in sim­plifying their lives and freeing themselves from the yoke of worldly progress, of the many conveniences that have become inconveniences, and have consequently rid themselves of the dreadful anxiety that plagues so ... Read More »

Injustice Is a Great Sin by Saint Paisios of Mount Athos

(ELDER PAISIOS OF MOUNT ATHOS : Spiritual Counsels with pain and love for Contemporary Man”, Part 1, Chapter 4, p. 87-104, Holy Monastery “Evangelist John the Theologian” SOUROTI, THESSALONIKI, GREECE) Injustice Draws the Wrath of God It is important for a man to have God’s blessing. It is great wealth! What God blesses will stand firm; it will not crumble. ... Read More »

Saint Paisios the Cappadocian: The devil has no power

— Geronda(Elder), my thoughts tell me that now more than ever the devil has great power. – The devil has malice and hatred but he does not have power. It is God’s love that is all-powerful. The devil tries to appear powerful but he can’t make it. He appears strong but in reality he is powerless. Many of his destructive schemes ... Read More »

Saint Paisios: Ordeals help people Recover

I hear, O Elder, about the sufferings of my people. Will their hard times ever end? Be patient, my sister, and never lose your hope to God. As I understood from all the ordeals that your people are going through, God loves you and allows all these ordeals so that the whole family will shine spiritually. If we look into ... Read More »

Elder Paisios: On Forced and False Repentance

– Elder, Abba Isaac writes, “No kind of repentance that takes place after the removal of our free will will be a well-spring of joy, nor will it be reckoned for the reward of those who possess it.” How can anyone repent without exercising his own free will? – One may be forced to repent, having fallen in the eyes ... Read More »