St Isaac the Syrian

On Prayer – Saint Isaac the Syrian

Prayer is undoubtably the most frequently discussed and most thoroughly developed theme in Saint Isaac…. ‘Prayer’, according to Evagrius Ponticus, ‘is the converse of the mind with God’.[1] For Isaac the Syrian, the converse of the mind with God is the highest and most important spiritual activity of a Christian, and cannot be compared with any other endeavor: ‘Just as nothing ... Read More »

Saint Isaac the Syrian on Fasting

The man who during his whole life loves the conversation of this yoke-mate fasting is a friend of chastity. Just as the satisfaction of the belly is the source of all evils, and as the slackness of sleep kindles the lust of fornication, so fasting, vigil, and wakefulness in God’s service by withstanding the sweetness of sleep through crucifying the ... Read More »