Various Writings

St John Chrysostom’s Sermon on Fasting  

Let us not then despair of our safety, but let us pray; let us make invocation; let us supplicate; let us go on embassy to the King that is above with many tears! We have this fast, too, as an ally, and as an assistant in this good intercession. Therefore, as when the winter is over and the summer is ... Read More »

On Going to Church

By Saint. John Chrysostom From the Book: “Voice of the Fathers”, Ed. By the Holy Monastery of The Paraklete, Oropos , Attica 2005 Trans. by Protopresbyter George Dion Dragas , PhD, DD, DTh Foreword Faith in God and participation in the Divine Liturgy, especially in the Eucharistic Assembly, constitute two inseparable realities for every lively member of the Church. The true Christian ... Read More »