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St Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia

The Way of Love: Christ is Our Love, Our Desire

One of the ways Christians seek unity with God is by what I term the Way of Love. This is where the emphasis is paced on the love of Christ. It is the way of the heart. It is a spiritual path following the first commandment:  “You hall love the Lord with all your heart and all your soul and ... Read More »

Saint Porphyrios and the Joy of the Resurrection

The following story was told by the cardiologist of Elder Porphyrios, Dr. George Papazahos, when he visited the Elder in his cell one Bright Tuesday following Pascha. I went to see him as a doctor. After the cardiological examination and the usual cardiogram, he asked that I not leave. I sat on the stool near his bed. His face was ... Read More »

True Repentance will Bring Sanctification

Wounded by Love, By St Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia There is nothing higher than what is called repentance and confession. This sacrament is the offering of God’s love of humankind. In this perfect way a person is freed of evil. We go and confess and we sense our reconciliation with God; joy enters us and guilt departs. In the Orthodox Church ... Read More »

St Porphyrios – How Our Past Affects Us

Man is not solely responsible for his transgressions.  The mistakes, sins and passions are not only personal experiences of the person who comes to confession. Every person has incorporated into himself the experiences of his parents and especially of his mother, that is, how his mother lived when she was carrying him in her womb—if she was anxious, if her ... Read More »


The education, says elder Porphyrios, lasts throughout life (lifelong education) and starts from fetal life, and constantly evolving. The most important educations and upbringing is the one held by the family. According to elder Porphyrios, the family is the first physical means of upbringing and educating people. In the first 5 years of human life the family with all functions ... Read More »

Saint Porphyrios and the Hippies

Saint Porphyrios once said: One day a hippie visited me. He was dressed in something colorful, strange clothes, and wore an amulet and jewelery, and he asked to see me. The nuns were worried, so they came and asked me, and I told them to have him enter. As soon as he sat across from me, I could see his ... Read More »