Does science make belief in God obsolete?

Author: Peter Harrison ABC Religion and Ethics 11 Apr 2012 (Source: http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2012/04/11/3475004.htm) Vestiges of the theological convictions of the pioneers of modern science may still be found in the common assumption that there are laws of nature that can be discovered. The predominance of scientists among those preaching the new gospel of atheism might lead to the assumption that science ... Read More »

The Limits of Secularism and the Search for Meaning

Author: Jonathan Sacks – ABC Religion and Ethics  – 17 May 2012 (Source: http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2012/05/17/3505407.htm) Religion survives because it answers three questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How shall I live? We will always ask these questions, and religion has always been our greatest heritage of meaning. In 2000, the Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam published a book called Bowling ... Read More »

Neurononsense: Why brain sciences can’t explain the human condition

Author: Roger Scruton – ABC Religion and Ethics – 9 May 2012 (Source: http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2012/05/09/3499101.htm) Not all questions about human nature are scientific questions. When it comes to the human condition, to the byways of culpability and the secrets of happiness and grief, we need the humanities. There are many reasons for believing the brain is the seat of consciousness. Damage to ... Read More »


Over the many years, I have been an ardent follower of Australia’s ethnic media, observing with diligence the differing views, debates and issues which the various migrant communities engage in. It is without doubt, a great blessing of modern-day Australia, whereby one can seek and hear an alternate view to that of the mainstream media. For ethnic and migrant communities ... Read More »

Theology and Science (the Academic Disciplines): A Comparative Study

Part I After attempting in the previous issue of the Voice of Orthodoxy to examine the unique nature of Orthodox theology, as it is understood from within the Eastern Orthodox perspective, this article will specifically focus its attention on the relationship between ‘theology’ and ‘science’ and in light of this give consideration to the question whether theology can and should ... Read More »

A Comparison and Critical Evaluation Between Theology and Science

Introduction The purpose of this article is to provide a comparison and critical evaluation of two fields of academic discipline, namely, theology and science. It will do this by providing a definition of the two disciplines, along with their content and epistemological method. It will show by way of comparison that Theology is not an academic discipline per se, rather, ... Read More »