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2014 Sunday Sermons

Patriarch Kirill : “Society and Government Die When People Start Pursuing Self-Interest at the Expense of the Commonwealth”

November 4, 2014. His Holiness, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, delivered a sermon on the occasion of Unity Day in Russia Dear Brothers and Sisters! On Unity Day we remember one of the most tragic periods in the history of our Fatherland, when our country was as good as on the verge of extinction from the world’s map: ... Read More »

Sermon on Matthew 17:14-23 (10th Sunday of Matthew)

In this gospel, Jesus teaches us that the only way we can overcome the evil in this world, is through prayer and fasting. The incident in today’s Gospel took place immediately after the Transfiguration. At the Transfiguration three of our Lord’s disciples, Peter, James and John saw our Lord Jesus Christ as He truly is, shining with the glory of ... Read More »


One of the greatest Prophet in the Old Testament is the Prophet Elias. He lived and prophesised, according to the Books of Kings (3 Kings 17:1 – 4 Kings 2:18), during the days of Ahab[1] (873-854 BC) and Ahaziah[2] (854-853 BC). His zeal for true faith in the one and only God of Israel led him to resist against the ... Read More »