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Mode of Life is a non-profit undertaking, and was initially established to bring together the thoughts and pious reflections of Orthodox Christians of Oceania. Yet we are open to any article contributions that are relevant to Orthodox thought, spirituality and practice (phronema). Furthermore, we are also receptive to any Patristic and liturgical texts that may be useful or require translation from Greek into English. We humbly request that these articles are sent as Microsoft Word documents to the email address below.

In addition to this, those who wish to make personal and private enquiries over the content published on Mode of Life, we encourage you to also communicate with us via the following email. Such concerns as, possible topics that we should cover, or relevant media articles which could be reviewed.



  1. Brilliant web site guys love ya work .. Keep them flowing

  2. Just read your article about St. Alban. The best I have ever read about him. Great work! Thanks.

    • It is always a pleasure to hear from you Fr Geoff. I am glad you liked the article on St Alban. There are quite a number of British Saints we have begun writing on, but as of yet to complete and publish.

      With respects, VM

  3. I was wondering if there is a printed copy of the Orthodox Sacred Catechism by St. Nektarios. You quoted ch 1-3 but I would like to obtain a complete copy if one exists. Any info you could provide on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • To my own knowledge at present, there is no full translation of St Nektarios’ Sacred Catechism. Fr George Dragas who did translate the first 3 chapters which we published on Mode of Life, seems to have stopped translating at that point, because I cannot find any additional chapters in English. This probably means that the work has yet to be fully translated into English.

      From a personal perspective I have often enjoyed and admired the written works of St Nektarios which are often overlooked by the beautiful hymnographic compositions that he wrote or the stories about his miracles and charismatic gifts. The Sacred Catechism is but one of his many works which I wish to translate into English from the original Greek version, but time and resource constraints have put such an undertaking on the back-burner for a later time. I’m sorry I cannot be of much more help than that. -VM on behalf of Mode of Life Project

  4. Why would you post the most recent article on pornography?This has led me to unsubscribe from your site.

    • Dear Stella,

      I ask you in all humility, is this not an issue confronting our society, our community and our Church? Is it not a serious matter that Orthodox priests are dealing with in serving the pastoral needs of the Orthodox Christian faithful, as well as others who are not Orthodox but turn to them for help? Furthermore, is it not a very dangerous form of mind control that has been devised to prey upon and distort what is a natural element of the human person (that being the expression of intimate and physical love) and which God intended within the context of marriage?

      I can still recall how this “weapon of mind control” was applied within the occupied West Bank during an Israeli intervention some years ago; as the Israelis took over the various media outlets and bombarded the airwaves with porn, so that the people would be distracted by viewing things they had not seen ever before, while not noticing that their farms were being destroyed or that family members were being killed by tanks crushing them into the ground….As one of the commanders of the operation later mentioned in an interview (echoing the very thoughts of the scum that own and operate the various porn outlets around the world), that it was also intended to begin to plant the seeds of domestic discord and erode the notion of the family unit and marriage, in what was otherwise a traditional family-oriented society.

      Similar thoughts were also cited within Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post newspapers some years ago by the Jewish American owners of America’s porn industry and Hollywood film industry, whereby they bragged about waging war against the conventional family structure and erode Gentile society. Similar views were echoed by racist rabbis within Jerusalem who endorsed this “strategy” against the filthy “Amalek Goyyim scum”. But of course, and thankfully, there were voices of reason and humanity who responded by first pointing out, that creating such dangers can affect all peoples, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality or culture, and is a poisonous threat to all. And that to endorse or promote such a thing, is a crime against humanity. And that what people did in private should remain private and not bombard the general public with such disdainful media that employs the same brainwashing techniques as tyrannical and totalitarian regimes have employed in the subjugation of peoples.

      Now, I cannot understand what is your concern or issue with us publishing such an article that deals with a very grave matter concerning us all, because it is as ever-present as drugs, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and other nasty social maladies. And every family and community is affected directly through one of their members or more.

      So I humbly ask, what approach should we adopt, and what articles should we publish on such grave matters?

      It is incumbent upon you who as a reader and subscriber of this weblog, to provide us constructive feedback and suggestions as to how should we approach topics such as these… In any case, you have the freedom to subscribe or to unsubscribe, no one is pointing a gun to your head to make a decision one way or the other.

      Therefore, I look forward to hearing a constructive response from you in the very near future, either via this weblog facility or via our email address. In the meantime, we apologise if the publication of such a simple and commonly syndicated article has caused you offence or distress. But please bear in mind, these are the problems of everyday life, and as the Gospel teaches us, we must not live in denial, but face those things that confront us so as to be reconciled and united to God. That in full, is the struggle every faithful Orthodox contends with like everyone else on this earth, and we are called to utilise the armoury of our Faith to respond in a constructive, productive, creative and loving manner that is God-pleasing and godly.

      With respects and kind regards
      VM on behalf of Mode of Life Project

  5. Deacon George Politis

    Just read the article on priestly vestments. Great article, great pictures! Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Reverend Deacon, if only there was more time to actually sit down and write such necessary articles, because the spiritual and catechetical needs of the Orthodox faithful in Australia are immense; as decades of neglect and failure to ground the faithful properly within the Orthodox phronema, has taken its toll across all Orthodox jurisdictions and reduced the Faith to some sort of distorted clubhouse association mentality with touchy-feely expressions with no serious sense of community or spirituality. And in terms of Orthodox resources we are confronted with either overly simplistic, childish and uninteresting material, or the other extreme of heavy academic theological writing that very few can comprehend, make sense of, draw serious meaning or be engaged by. And God-willing we will improve and update this weblog to a more user-friendly mode and write and publish some books to help clergy in your position to carry out catechism and teaching, as well as for personal reading. -VM

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