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Encyclical from Archbishop Stylianos of Australia: On the Occasion of the New Year

Encyclical from Archbishop Stylianos of Australia: On the Occasion of the New Year


Dear brothers and sisters,

In whatever way we communicate with our fellow human beings these days – whether it be by telephone, a letter or meeting personally – the subject we talk about is a stereotyped one: the

New Year. We hasten to wish one another that it be full of health and joy, blessed and prosperous.

Whether it is said simply as a social custom or whether it responds to an inward wish, it certainly expresses a legitimate and justified desire.

However, in the mutual “wishes” of these days there is no mention at all, even in a stereotyped way, about the year which passed, as if it did not exist, and as if we do not want to remember it at all. ln the name of one value, which we did not yet come to know, we altogether push aside and forget a tested value, which was just completed and attained its definite image. Therefore I will tell you a few words about the significance of this neglected value.

The year which has passed does not have a negative relationship to the new year. It is neither substituted nor abolished, as we replace a pair of old shoes or a worn out garment. It is part of our history, our life and our truth.

Of course we shall not see the year 2014 again in our diary, but we will carry it within us both in

2015 and in all the years that will follow, just as with all the other years which have passed since our birth up to the present time. If yesterday had not pre-existed, we would not have been here today.

Our time is not cut to pieces, it does not part from us, it is not estranged. It is simply marked and


Therefore, let us thank God for the year 2014, which has been completed and filled our life. And let us pray that everything good, which we came to know in the past year, may also engraft the new year in a beneficial manner. May every success of the year 2014 become the good leaven of the coming year.

Blessed be the year 2014, sisters and brothers, which has passed.

Blessed also be the year 2015, which comes.


Christ is the same yesterday and today and unto the ages. To Him be the glory and the power now and always and to the endless ages. Amen.

Archbishop Stylianos Harkianakis of Australia

With fervent prayers to the Lord,

Archbishop Stylianos of Australia

Source: The Greek-Australian Vema, January 2015

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