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Letter From Taybeh: A Blessed Mother’s Day 2015

Letter From Taybeh: A Blessed Mother’s Day 2015


Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!

Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh,

As I am having a beautiful Mother’s Day in Boston, I must wish all of the beloved mothers I know and the beautiful women who are like mothers to others, a blessed Happy Mother’s Day.  It is also the day we can remember and pray for all of the beloved mothers who are in God’s Heavenly Kingdom.  May their souls rest in peace.

It is usually our mothers who are the ones that dedicate their whole life time teaching us to accept the living water Christ offered the Samaritan woman in today’s gospel (St. John 4:5-42).  It is mothers who must exemplify the most patience in life’s journey to eternity.

May all of us who are experiencing a struggle, stay strong and keep the faith because our patience will gain our salvation. The only sentence I remember out of the two day conference I have just attended at Hellenic College about Humanitarianism with renowned speakers is that we serve Christ when we serve others.   And, our mothers are at the core of practicing “Love thy Neighbour.”

May we all accept the living water that gives us eternal life so that we can be empowered to love one another especially in places of conflict where I will return next month.

I pray and hope all of you are having a blessed Happy Mother’s Day.

With love in Christ and sincere good wishes,

Maria Khoury

Dr Maria Khoury and St George church - Taybeh - Palestine

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