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As part of the initiative to cater to the pastoral needs of religious education of Oceania’s Orthodox Christian faithful, and to counter ignorance about Orthodoxy, Mode of Life Project established its own video channels. This was partly due to the unstable nature of video links being removed or altered on the internet and thus inaccessible by our website, or video contributions intended for public viewing made by our subscribers and visitors. Furthermore, it was one of the objectives of Mode of Life Project to take advantage of the online environment to not only offer articles and commentaries to our website users, but to complement and augment those items with audio-visual resources as well.

Just like the articles and commentaries, the videos that are utilized by our website cover all the wide and diverse subject topics that this website examines, and come in a wide range of formats that include documentaries, lectures, presentations, discussions,  news reports and cultural viewing. With few exceptions, most of our audio-visual material come from our channels “Modus Vitae” and “Levantine Gentleman”, with the former offering more theological/religious or historical content, while the latter offering more cultural content.

However we also utilize some material from a close associate’s channel, “Critical Discussion Point”, that focuses on current affairs, news items and some controversial issues. And we should state here, that not all the material present upon this associate’s channel and utilized by Mode of Life, expresses either our own personal view, the view of Orthodoxy or our associate’s personal view, but merely presents various views on differing subject matters, hence the channel’s title “Critical Discussion Point”.

As a final note, given the aforementioned (including some of the sensitive material we deal with), none of these video channels are accessible publicly except through this website. As usual, we welcome any comments or constructive criticisms (and we emphasise “contructive”) to any of our videos or any links that you may wish to forward to us. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website, and enjoy in particular the videos that are presented upon our website.

With the sincere humble love of Christ,

Mode of Life Project

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