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Oakleigh Grammar principal renews contract

Oakleigh Grammar principal renews contract

Fr George Adamakis_Archbishop Stylianos and Mark Robertson


Mark Robertson will stay with the school for another five years

Oakleigh Grammar Principal, Mark Robertson, signed a five year contract this week following positive appraisal of his leadership at the school over the past four years.

Appointed in 2011, Robertson’s initial role was to manage the successful implementation of Oakleigh Grammar’s 2011-2015 strategic plan, which included changes in organisation culture as well as improvements to quality of education and education facilities.

The decision to extend Robertson’s contract was appraised by the President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh , Mr Angelo Sardellis, as it guarantees the school’a progression as one of south-east Melbourne’s most well-rounded and high achieving schools.

As principal, Robertson places a strong focus on the fostering of cultural diversity throughout the school. With over 25 different cultural backgrounds represented in the student body, Robertson states that it has always been his “focus to encourage and celebrate cultural diversity in the student body.” He further believes that diversity in the school environment better prepares students to live in Australia’s multicultural society.

Over the course of this year, Robertson will work with the school’s executive team and the community Board of Management to develop a new strategic plan for 2016-2021.



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