REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: G20 And Double Standards

REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: G20 And Double Standards


By Andreas C Chrysafis

Out of the G20 Summit came a most profound statement; one that exposed how insincere world powers have become! If the Summit had been the gathering of great minds dedicated to resolving great social issues the world would have become a better place to live in. Instead, behind the facade of such gatherings, an ungodly arrogance dominates in such meetings. Truth, transparency or groundbreaking initiatives in social coherence are in short supply at the best of times!

At the G20 Summit in Antalaya on November 15 a bombshell statement has actually surfaced and yet the mass media did not pick it up. The announcement revealed that powerful nations do actually lie in their teeth and hide behind the obvious charade of camaraderie. In the dirty business of politics there are no enemies but opportunities and allegiance to one’s own interest. Governments are there for governments!

This is how avergae Syrians see the Free Syria Army and ISIS

This is how avergae Syrians see the Free Syria Army and ISIS

The main subject at the Summit without a doubt was Syria’s “regime change”; the Paris terrorist attack; the downing of the Russian passenger plane over Egypt but primarily how to “destroy” the Islamic State (IS) and the scourge of the earth.

Observe the results of funding "moderate opposition" by Western powers, Turkey and Gulf Arab states with Israel's Mossad in the background contrary to Israeli public opinion

Observe the results of funding “moderate opposition”

Francois Hollande the President of France called on the Unites States and Russia to join forces to destroy the Islamic State; President Obama called its European allies to make bolder moves to defeat IS but also to topple the President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and extend sanctions against Russia; the president of the European Council criticized Russia to focus its air attacks against the Islamic State terrorists and not against the Syrian insurgents backed by NATO; President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke of human rights, terrorism, the reduction of refugees and the removal of his archenemy Assad.

Obama's moderate jihadist deception

The Summit this time was like no others. There was a dirty cloud in the air, which was choking with some participants recognizing the obvious charade but remaining silent.  Some openly chastised those brutalities inflicted by Jihadists while others, the likes of Erdogan had other plans in mind about IS. In fact everyone there was aware of his personal ambitions to abandon Ataturk’s secularism or Kemalism and transform Turkey into an Islamic autocracy with himself becoming its founding father and a lifelong despot.

At the crossroads of continents, Turkey is without a doubt a valuable strategic partner for western powers who have been tolerating Ankara’s blatant black market activities that involve among others: purchases of smuggled oil from IS sources; the trafficking of antiquities; human trafficking; safe supply lines for IS oil exports; financing of terrorists groups against Assad; allowing the transportation of weapons to militia groups; providing banking facilities in billions of transactions to fund IS terrorist activities; systematically attacking Kurdish targets instead of the IS; unleashing the torrent of Muslim refugees into the EU and yet, western powers remain impartial to Turkey’s shenanigans.

Turkish Duplicity in ISIS issue

If those activities are not dealt with by closing the Syria/Turkey border, Jihadists will devour the very soul of humanity. Cut off the flow of money supply and one cuts off their wings to operate on such a grand scale. That’s precisely what the G20 Summit is not prepared to do but placate differences and carry on business as usual.

Meanwhile the EU finds itself in a quandary dealing with the biggest refugee crisis ever but also facing IS terrorist attacks deep in the heart of Europe. It has come to the point that some EU member-states have decided to protect their borders and abandon the spirit of “open borders”. The failed Schengen Accord is now under severe pressure and in serious jeopardy; its ultimate collapse is not impossible!

If people think that everyone stands in support of Paris or Russia or Mali they are totally wrong! There are countries and governments that actively support terrorist militias to spread Islamic extremist ideology and Jihad against the rest of the world.

Can this human virus be eliminated? Under the current political mood that’s questionable!


So far, the war against the IS terrorism has been lukewarm to say the least. The half-hearted American-led coalition air bombardment has not stopped IS taking control over large sections of the region with the death of thousands of innocent civilians. Feeling confident of its success this Grim Reaper has now inflicted its brutality in Europe; Paris was the start!

Russia could no longer remain idle to the ongoing US-led half-hearted coalition war against IS and during the UN Security Council conference, Putin announced that Russia was officially asked by the Syrian government for its military support and has launched air strikes against IS targets in Syria and Iraq but also against Syrian insurgents financed and backed by the NATO alliance to topple Assad.

Meanwhile Iran also responded favourably and has initiated ground troops to clear IS out of Iraq, which posed a serious threat to its own stability along its borders. This was a two-pronged attack.

Russia’s direct involvement in the war against the IS took everyone by surprise. Vladimir Putin’s was determined to protect not only Syria and destroy IS but also to protect Russian military installations and personnel in the Tartus naval base from falling into enemy hands.

The Russian air strikes against IS targets has been so embarrassingly effective and swift it transformed the entire region. It has also converted western thinking that the way to eradicate this IS human virus is to unite forces and provide dynamic military assistance to the Kurdish ground troops.

Military experts confirm that without boots on the ground the war against the Islamic State will not work. Not prepared to put their own troops on the ground, helping the Kurdish fighting forces against the IS provided the answer to their quandary.

Erdogan vehemently objected to Russia’s support of the Syrian army and backing of the Kurdish fighters. This unexpected military maneuver by Moscow has jeopardized Erdogan’s despotic grand plans, which he enjoyed for years without tampering by anyone. His Turkish Air Force attacking Kurdish positions has been somewhat curtailed and Erdogan has asked Vladimir Putin to review Russia’s relations with the Kurds. It has had no effect and a rift has developed between the two.

Turkish betrayal at Kobane

Who could forget what happened at Kobani

Yet, it is the Russian air strikes that have transformed the geopolitical climate in the area forcing the US coalition to reconsider its stand on Syria, Iraq, and to question Turkey’s loyalty.

At the Summit, the Russian President extended his arm for a unified effort to destroy the IS recognizing that if not stopped, the world would become its oyster. He was not wrong and at his closing statement Vladimir Putin dropped his bombshell that has shaken-up everyone, including the G20 foundations, into reality. A reality that has conveniently been avoided or ignored for years!

He announced that Russia has evidence of 40 nations around the world that actively support the Islamic State while claiming the opposite. But his greatest bombshell of all, he actually provided evidence and pointed out that some of those nations were present at the very same G20 Antalaya Summit.

No one ever dared before to speak against other members of such a mighty privileged club. He showed photographic evidence taken from space and from aircraft, which clearly demonstrated the scale of the illegal trade in stolen oil and petroleum products that went on inside Turkey, Syria and Iraq in support of financing the IS terrorists. The indisputable proof of those activities has jolted everyone to reality.

Who can forget the Turkish hospitals that have been set up for ISIS only casualties!

Who can forget the Turkish hospitals that have been set up for ISIS only casualties!

“The motorcade of refueling trucks stretched for dozens of kilometers so that from a height of 4-5,000 meters they stretch beyond the horizon. We really need support from the US, European nations, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran to destroy and fight this evil.” Putin concluded.

American deceit and duplicity really cannot be hidden anymore!

American deceit and duplicity really cannot be hidden anymore!

President Vladimir Putin revealed the ungodly double standards practiced by powerful nations. That did not go down well with some G20 members, but especially Turkey, who was blatantly exposed of a cat and mouse game playing one side of the alliance against the other. In fact she was trying to create a chaotic political situation and move in when the time was right to reap the rewards of its Ottoman-style cloak and dagger cunningness.

Erdogan decided there and then that vengeance against Russia was in order for supporting his archenemy Assad and for supporting the Kurdish forces but most importantly, for embarrassing him personally. Arrogantly, he gave little thought for the welfare of his people of Russian repercussions and retaliation.

Revenge was swift and came a few days later. At the cost and suffering of his nation, Turkey claimed that a Russian jet fighter violated its air space for 17 seconds on the Turkish/Syrian border and without warning it shot the fighter jet down to the utter shock of the world. Parachuted pilots were shot in the air – a crime under international law –  and one was killed. Erdogan and his government then began a verbal campaign to spin the truth attempting to justify the unjustifiable.

Ironically, in the past twelve months Turkey has provokingly violated the air space of Greece by 2244 times (according to Sergey Lavrov the Russian foreign minister) and also the air space of Cyprus and its neighbours without any incidents or loss of pilot life. To avoid conflict, those nations behaved in a civilized manner and were not prepared to sink so low to Turkey’s level of brutality.

America once again covered Turkey's Crimes

Unsurprisingly, the Americans as usual defended Turkey’s crime against downing a Russian jet and killing the pilots, by weaving some lurid story of Turkish defence of “Syrian freedom fighters”. But those of us who are from the Middle East and have family there know too well these lies, as Turkey, the US and other nations have blatantly sponsored jihadists for many decades….Yet America does not defend its fellow NATO members like Greece who have had their airspace violated multiple times by Turkey and not one reprimand has been forthcoming for decades….

Tensions heightened and Putin publicly announced of being “backstabbed” by an ally (Turkey) who supposedly were fighting a common enemy. As expected Russia retaliated and demanded that Turkey’s embassy in Moscow be shut down; imposed trade sanctions; restrictions on businesses; the curbing of four million tourists visiting Turkey; introduced visa controls for Turkish nationals; put a freeze on joint ventures and mega projects; installed its advanced S400 missile system in Syria and Dumas lawmakers were pushing for criminalization of the denial of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire.

Vladimir Putin maintained his self-esteem and did not enter into shallow rhetoric but demonstrated that he’s a dignified leader who would not allow Turkey to go unpunished for its callous behaviour, reminiscent to a Dark Age mentality of revenge and brutality.


Exposing the hypocrisy of powerful nations was certainly a revolutionary breath of fresh air and well overdue. Among the ashes of despair there is always a glimmer of hope that powerful nations would destroy the IS madness and make the world a better and a safer place to live in.

Meanwhile, people across the world would have to question their own consciences for choosing low caliber leadership to govern their countries. Without a doubt, something has gone badly wrong with the present system?

Bad leadership is like a weak link in a chain

Bad leadership is like a weak link in a chain

Andreas C Chrysafis

November 29, 2015



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