REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: The Demise Of The Republic

REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: The Demise Of The Republic

Cyprus Question

Andreas C Chrysafis

October 19, 2015

Press conference of Nicos Anastasiades


Strong words indeed! Yet, a political entrapment has begun with fervour.  The current events are very disturbing. The Anastasiades government has abandoned its mandate to protect the Republic of Cyprus and has decided to replace it with some unknown entity. Negotiations are under way to do just that; it is called Bi Zonal, Bi Communal Federation!

Meanwhile, Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan and PM Davudoglu attended (October 17, 2015) the inauguration ceremony of a fresh-water pipeline coming from Turkey to the occupied area. What does this mean?

It means that Turkey’s military occupation has now officially rubber-stamped its authority to amalgamate or annex its war trophy with the mainland – the installation of the pipeline was never out of love for the Turkish Cypriots but one of domination! It also confirms that Mr Akinci the TC leader is now Ankara’s official representative; Erdogan conveyed to him that the pipeline would be operated by Turkey and not by Turkish Cypriots!

Sadly, the Anastasiades government and his foreign minister Mr Kasoulides both failed to protect the territorial integrity of the island by not doing enough to stop Turkey’s illegal consolidation of the occupied north with the mainland. Negligence or inaction by the current Europhile government has now opened up a Pandora’s box.

Questions enter the mind as to where they have been the past few years when the pipeline was announced and under construction? Why did they not stop Turkey through the International Courts; the UN or the EU? Where they advised by the EU or others not to intervene? Cypriots would never know but it is obvious, the government did not have the political will to protect the country! Meanwhile, the charade of the bi-communal negotiations continues without substance or transparency.

Mr Akinci on the other hand has been very active. He is received by heads of state including the UN, EU and the Pentagon Administration as the representative of a budding new Turkish Cypriot state. With his growing recognition, President Anastasiades’ influence is being marginalized to the status of “community leader” of the “Greek side”.

 In fact, Mr Akinci has been quite upfront with his objectives – Ankara’s intransigent objectives; he seeks a two-state solution; the 400.000 Anatolian illegal settlers to remain on the island; Turkey to maintain its Guarantor Power over the component state; he envisions a rotating central government; Muslims are to make up the majority in the new TC state; settlement would be controlled as not to alter the demographic character of the Muslim component state; he also wants to adopt the Euro currency before a solution is reached; calls for equal share of the natural gas proceeds and he keeps on producing new “red lines”.

Meanwhile, both President Anastasiades and Mr Akinci are confident that a Referendum would likely be presented to the people by March 2016. Yet, citizens have no idea what is being agreed behind closed doors and the likelihood of a “yes” vote seems remote. In fact, Greek Cypriots would oppose any agreement that’s likely to partition the island and certainly do not trust the current political charade.

If the Republic of Cyprus is to survive as one country in line with its historical past, a new mindset is necessary; a BBF fragmentation would not provide a solution but dissolution! Actually, the government has a responsibility to develop new radical policies and make defense alliances with nations that are willing to support the Republic with actions and not rhetoric and hypocrisy.

One of those countries is Russia and by developing stronger links with that nation would be a wise move for a number of reasons; defense, protection; trade and tourism; technology and other advantages! With such powerful links, Cyprus would no longer feel vulnerable to Ankara’s constant provocations.

Unlike other “allies”, Russia has been a consistent supporter and a loyal friend of Cyprus. At the UN Security Council, Russia has repeatedly voted in support of the Republic and has never once disappointed the people of Cyprus with double standards. There is always a measurable degree of risks but not as high as allowing Turkey dictating policies under the threat of a gun especially after the recent discovery of vast amounts of natural gas deposits. This has wet her appetite for more! The Islamization of Cyprus through sheer numbers in population also cannot be overlooked and such likelihood would pose the greatest threat to stability for years to come.

The Syrian battle against the Islamic State and others proves that Russia answers to no one and has the freedom, decisiveness and the might to do the right thing where others, for 41 years have failed to assist Cyprus for their own self-interests. This has to stop and seeking Russian assistance can transform the entire political landscape in the Eastern Mediterranean to Cyprus’s advantage.

The island it’s in a perfect geopolitical situation to become the Jewel of the Med for the Turkish and Greek Cypriots as well as all other citizens. In fact, it can no longer risk further erosion of its territorial and national integrity and the misguided proposed BBF promises the final demise of the Republic of Cyprus.

Andreas Chrysafis on matters concerning Cyprus


Andreas C Chrysafis

October 21, 2015


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