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Sex laws make Sydney ideal for ‘virgin auctions’ – (The title says it all on how morally bankrupt people are today)

Sydney has become a hub for virginity auctions according to a number of men and women who have planned to make their fortunes having and selling sex for the first time in Australia.

In recent years a number of high-profile virginity auctions have captured public attention with a majority of them involving Australia’s largest city.  Medical student Hanna Kern, who went by the online pseudonym “Elizabeth Raine”, planned to lose her virginity to the highest bidder of an online auction in April, with the actual act to take place during a 12-hour date in Sydney. Despite prematurely putting a stop to the auction Ms Kern told 9 Stories she had decided to stage her encounter in NSW due to the state’s liberal prostitution laws.  “I made plans to conduct the act in Sydney because of the region’s very relaxed and progressive prostitution laws,” she said. “Prostitution is broadly illegal in the United States, and I have never had any desire to become a lawbreaker.”

Her sentiments were echoed by Melbourne-based filmmaker Justin Sisley (Producer of ABC documentary “Virgins Wanted”) who said laws in NSW played an instrumental role in a highly-publicised virginity auction he organised for Catarina Migliorini in 2012. In a bid to avoid prostitution laws, Ms Migliorini was to be delivered to her buyer on board a plane between Australia and the US – being interviewed for a documentary before and after the sexual act. The auction fell over when Ms Migliorini claimed she was duped by Sisley and never saw the $1.6 million she was promised. Sisley said the key reason he flew the Brazilian 20-year-old to Sydney was to dodge tougher laws in Brazil where he was threatened with sex trafficking charges. “I would have done the whole thing in Brazil but it is illegal to solicit sex there,” he told 9 Stories. But all states are not equal, with a 2010 bid to auction the virginity of a 21-year-old Australian girl moved from Victoria to Las Vegas because of prosecution fears.

“(But) in NSW, you can get away with it,” Sisley said.  Ms Kern, who is understood to have terminated her agreement due to a combination of lack of interested bidders and pressure from the high profile university where she is studying bioengineering, is unlikely to have broken any laws if she went ahead. Dr John Scott, Professor of Criminology at the University of NSW, says it’s not surprising Sydney is an attractive auction for virgins to cash in on their first time. “Legally there’s nothing wrong with it in NSW,” Dr Scott said. “I can see why in the US someone would say, in certain states, that this is prostitution and that’s why it’s coming here. “In Sydney, I suspect the law would turn a blind eye to this sort of thing. “Prostitution was decriminalised in NSW in 1996 making it legal for a person to sell sex in exchange for money to anyone over 16.


Ms Kern’s Australian agent Rosemary Ryan said the 28-year-old considered alternative cities around the world before deciding on Sydney as the right location. “She did her research,” Ms Ryan told 9 Stories. “Obviously prostitution is illegal in most parts of America, hence the decision to fly the winning bidder to Sydney and for the actual act to be done here.” With huge sums of money on offer for women selling their virginity, the debauched practice has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many auctions never reach the final stage of consummation, such as the case of US student Natalie Ryan. The 22-year-old was reportedly offered $3.7 million to sell her first time after receiving nearly 10,000 bids. The winning bidder – a 38-year-old Australian businessman – ended up backing out of the deal after paying a $250,000 deposit claiming his wife wouldn’t let him do it.

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