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Are We Ready for Christmas?

Metropolitan Avgoustinos (Kantiotes) of Florina [1] Beloved in Christ, I would like to ask you a question; I ask it of myself and I ask it of you. Are we prepared to celebrate the great feast of Christmas? Read More »

The Orthodox Celebration of Theophany (Epiphany)

By Professor Ioannis Foundoulis On January 6th our Church celebrates the great despotic feast of “Theophany” or “Epiphany” or “Holy Lights”. The forefeast begins the day after New Years, January 2nd. In this preparatory period is found the “Sunday Before the Lights”. This fits into the functional forefeast preparation. In the Gospel reading from the Divine Liturgy on this Sunday ... Read More »

The Orthodox Celebration of Christmas

By Professor Ioannis Foundoulis Preamble: In a few days we will celebrate the great Feast of the Christian world, the Feast of Christmas. The Church will bring once again before the eyes of our soul the event of the birth of the Lord and will summon us to venerate together with the shepherds and the magi the newly-born King and ... Read More »


Perfect God and Perfect Man: Christ Is Born! Glorify Him! God is born on earth, and moreover He is born as a man: perfect God and perfect man—the unique God-man. And He has forever remained as the God-man both on earth and in heaven. Indeed, the God-man is the first perfect man on earth. Perfect man? Yes, because only in ... Read More »