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Letter to Mode of Life: Inconsistency and Lip Service of Australian Politics to Multiculturalism and Religion

Dear Mode of Life, As a convert to Orthodoxy, I find it perplexing that Australian federal and state politicians attend quite often, events convened by the various Orthodox Christian communities within this country. And it is perplexing, because on the one hand, the politicians speak about how they respect the community that they claim to represent and admire, often trundling ... Read More »

Supporters of man-woman marriage should not be labelled bigots

By Andrew Hinge The Australian Christian Lobby was today concerned at the intolerance and vandalism being shown to conscientious objectors of same-sex marriage and call for a mature public debate. Today it was reported that Australian Marriage Forum president, Dr David van Gend’s medical practice had been graffitied with the words “van Gend bigot”.  The attack follows abuse levelled at ... Read More »

Parliament needs to focus on consequences of changing marriage

Andrew Hinge If the Australian Parliament is to again consider changing the definition of marriage, protections for freedom of conscience and the rights of children must be part of any legislation, the Australian Christian Lobby said today. ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton expressed disappointment at the apparent capitulation in the Parliament to the same-sex political agenda. “I say apparent capitulation ... Read More »

MP’s shouldn’t ‘own’ abolition of a child’s right to know their mum or dad

Lyle Shelton Parliamentarians planning to ‘own’ Bill Shorten’s same-sex marriage bill need to explain how they would protect the rights of children to know their biological parents. In abolishing “man and woman” in the Marriage Act, Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said parliamentarians risked legislating one of the greatest injustices against the rights of children in modern times. ... Read More »