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Andreas C Chrysafis The prosperous and proud countries of Syria and Iraq have been fighting the ravages of war-madness for years. The Gulf War (1990-1) was the start and the ultimate demise of those nations. Fortified by a US-led coalition, foreign forces have in the end established a permanent footing in that region and things have never been the same ... Read More »


By Andreas C Chrysafis December 18, 2015 © I have carefully been watching events in Cyprus unfolding like an onion that brings tears into one’s eyes. What is most disturbing is the fact that there is a cat and mouse game being played with a stench of duplicity in the air. There appears to be urgency and a well-coordinated scheme ... Read More »


A metamorphosis is in progress, which aims to erode the principle of democracy and reduce nation-authority forever! The idea to reduce the powers of democratically elected governments has been surreptitiously under planning for years. It goes as far back as the 1950’s when led by Deutsche Bank chairman Hermann Abs in collusion with other powerful bankers. They sought ways to ... Read More »

REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: The Demise Of The Republic

Andreas C Chrysafis October 19, 2015   Strong words indeed! Yet, a political entrapment has begun with fervour.  The current events are very disturbing. The Anastasiades government has abandoned its mandate to protect the Republic of Cyprus and has decided to replace it with some unknown entity. Negotiations are under way to do just that; it is called Bi Zonal, ... Read More »

REVOLUTION OF THE MIND: Refugee Invasion or Stratagem?

The depressing sight of the endless exodus of migrants attempting to enter Europe raises serious questions as to why the sudden but spontaneous mass movement of thousands upon thousands of people coming from Turkey’s refugee holding camps and why now? The tide of more than 45,000 migrants entering EU crossings each day appear well organized and displays that the crowds ... Read More »

The Promised Land: The Refugee Crisis Has Human Consequences

By Andreas C. Chrysafis The exodus of thousands of refugees continues with no end in sight. Those victims of human insanity hand over their life savings to smugglers to show them the way to the land of milk and honey. We see war refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants and opportunists crossing borders and running to escape authorities; we see mayhem ... Read More »

What Is Wrong With the System?

  By Andreas C. Chrysafis – August 23, 2015   What is wrong with this flawed democracy that we all brag about and praise as an ideal system of government but fails to provide? What is wrong with such a system that ultimately encourages corruption at the expense of the people who put their faith and hope for a better ... Read More »


I was just about to go to bed when the telephone rung in the middle of the night. I picked it up and a strange laughter was in full swing on the other end of the line. It was so loud that I was quite shocked. “Who is this idiot”, I thought and banged the phone down. It rung again ... Read More »

It’s Not a Matter of Trust

July 24, 2015 By Andreas C. Chrysafis There is not much hope for the people of Cyprus to live and let live in a democratic state that shines with equality, transparency and accountability; for there is flawed democracy at that; a nation that does not practice transparency, it has no democracy! The current negotiations on the Bi-zonal Bi-communal Federation (BBF) ... Read More »


By Andreas C Chrysafis July, 2015 (No 77) © The election of the Tsipras government has triggered a massive headache for the Eurogroup in fear it may inspire others across the Eurozone. They had to destroy it and dark forces lurking in the shadows put a devious plan into action – debt dependency; a dependency so ugly that would demand ... Read More »