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Orthodox and Anglican Churches are on different sides of the abyss, says Russian Orthodox leader

The future of ecumenism is in great peril with the gap widening between Orthodox and progressives, says Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church a noted theologian and church historian. Speaking before an audience at Villanova University, a Roman Catholic institution on Philadelphia’s historic mainline and one of the oldest in the US, Hilarion said that when the Holy Fathers ... Read More »

Metropolitan Demands that Golden Dawn Clarifies its Neo-Pagan Stance

In a recent long announcement, Metropolitan Serapheim of Piraeus spoke about the Neo-Pagan character and sympathies of the extreme right-wing party Golden Dawn. Within his declaration, he called upon Golden Dawn leaders to clarify exactly what their position was regarding Christianity and the Church. In forcefully expressing himself, he highlighted his concern regarding the reinstitution  of a deceased religion which ... Read More »

Further Updates from Syria

Prologue Dearly beloved readers, the news that I receive from friends and acquaintances from those in the Middle East, and especially from Syria is very bleak. The anger, sorrow and the atrocities expressed within these letters I cannot bring myself to publish because it is too painful for me personally, but they are very telling of the situation upon the ... Read More »


Dearly beloved readers of Mode of Life,   Our message today is directed to our fellow Australian brethren and more specifically to that of the Melbourne faithful. During the course of this week, within the dead of night and without much publicity, our Federal politicians are voting upon the question of same-sex marriage. Because of this fact, this matter has gone ... Read More »