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Revolution of the Mind: BREXIT – The Great UK Dilemma

Andreas C Chrysafis   When democracy functions well in a civilized society… and where the people respect the rights and opinion of others, it can never go wrong! This refers to the mature British democracy where the government has offered British citizens the right to a historic Referendum on 23 of June. On that day, the people will decide what’s ... Read More »

3-Way Embryo IVF: A modern-day Frankenstein of science and ethics?

MODE OF LIFE INTRODUCTION Dearly beloved readers, we post this selection of articles from the British Roman Catholic online site “The Catholic Herald”, as it raises a very serious issue regarding the current discussion and legalisation of Three-way IVF within the United Kingdom. I suspect, that this issue of three-parent babies will become another one of these bio-ethical issues that ... Read More »