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The Byzantines of Cornwall

In the far off land, a monument in the Landulph parish church commemorates the Palaeologus family Dean Kalymniou – 20 Apr 2015 In the common consciousness of the Greeks, Byzantium and its last ruling dynasty the Palaeologus family came to an end on 29 May 1453 when the last Emperor, Constantine Palaeologus, fell in battle, fighting Mehmet the Conqueror and ... Read More »

Orlov: First draft at a Greek revolution

“The Orlov rebellion … was absurd in conception, devoid of genuine libertarian teleology and brutal and chaotic in execution.” – J. C Alexander Dean Kalimniou – 8 Apr 2015 In the popular Greek imagination, there was the fall of Byzantium and then, 400 hundred years of continuous darkness in which the Greek nation gradually lost its civilisation and spirit, oppressed ... Read More »


Commemorated on the 27 November Prologue The great and ancient land of Persia has contributed much to the culture and civilisation of humankind, excelling in many fields and enriching us particularly with its exquisite arts, its gardens and its rich but sublime literature. It is a land of many contrasts and diverse peoples, but regretfully, this beautiful nation under God’s ... Read More »