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“It is our fault that there are people who do not know Christ”

Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol talks about end times, trust in God and the mission of Church How unique are our times? How to overcome spiritual weakness? What to do if you don’t have an experienced spiritual father? How to pray and support the mission of Church? What is contemporary monasticism? Why must married people read paterikons? Well-known Greek preacher, Metropolitan ... Read More »

St Porphyrios – How Our Past Affects Us

Man is not solely responsible for his transgressions.  The mistakes, sins and passions are not only personal experiences of the person who comes to confession. Every person has incorporated into himself the experiences of his parents and especially of his mother, that is, how his mother lived when she was carrying him in her womb—if she was anxious, if her ... Read More »

Preparing for Confession: A Basic Introduction

By L. Joseph Letendre Source: http://thechristianactivist.com (Light and Life Publishing Company: Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1987.) FOREWORD Confession is an important, yet neglected sacrament of our Church. This offering provides a practical and stimulating guide for Christian growth in our age. – Reverend Stanley S. Harakas – In every sacrament there is an act of offering. In the Eucharist, we offer bread ... Read More »