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A Question about Salvation posed to Mode of Life

Q. Greetings to the weblog administrators of Mode of Life Project. I was wondering, when reading the Bible, there are references that cite that all idolators and atheists go to hell. Does that mean all Hindus and Buddhists go to hell? Agapite, You ask a loaded question according to a personal reading of the Scriptures and without providing me a reference ... Read More »

A Pertinent Reflection: The Need to Rediscover and Learn of Christianity’s Mystagogical Character

Prologue Not too long ago at Mode Of Life we received a comment on one of our published articles from one of the weblog’s visitors which expressed the following: “Salvation by grace; sanctification by aesthetic practices of Orthodox traditions. Really!!! Gal. 3:3 Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh? For did you suffer so ... Read More »