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On Bad Religious People

Sergey Khudiev

SERGEY KHUDIEV A translation of American journalist William Lobdell’s book, Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America – and Found Unexpected Peace, has recently been published in Russian. This book is interesting in many regards. Lobdell cannot be placed alongside the popular anti-religious propagandists; he is a much more serious and profound writer. Most likely this ... Read More »

Prayer is an endless Creation – Archimandrite Zacharias

Church of Pantokrator - Kerkyra_Greece

“Humbleness is essential for prayer” No matter how daunting and difficult the struggle of purifying the heart may be, nothing should deter us from this undertaking. We have on our side the ineffable goodness of a God Who has made man’s heart His personal concern and goal. In the book of Job, we read the following astonishing words: “What is ... Read More »


Priest reads from Scriptures

By Gabe Martini Contemporary scholars and certain Christian groups today tend to approach the study of scripture as archaeology. Rather than receiving the scriptures as God-breathed tradition in the life of the Church, the text is abstracted from its incarnate context, subjected to scientific analysis. While much can be learned, of course, from a knowledge of Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew, this ... Read More »

What Orthodox Iconography Is

Photios Kontoglou

By Photios Kontoglou The religion of Christ is the revelation, by Him, of the truth. And this truth is the knowledge of the true God and of the spiritual world. But the spiritual world is not what men used to—and still do—call “spiritual.” Christ calls His religion “new wine” and “bread that cometh down from Heaven.” The Apostle Paul says, ... Read More »


Metropolitan Augoustinos Kantiotes of Florina

Metropolitan Avgoustinos (Kantiotes) of Florina [1]   The twelve Apostles! These are the twelve foundation stones upon which the Church is built, while Christ himself is the cornerstone; these are the twelve trumpets whose sound goes out to the ends of the earth; these are the twelve stars which illumine the spiritual sky of the Church! I am not here today ... Read More »

Orthodox and Anglican Churches are on different sides of the abyss, says Russian Orthodox leader

Shahara Bridge Over Chasm In Yemen

The future of ecumenism is in great peril with the gap widening between Orthodox and progressives, says Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church a noted theologian and church historian. Speaking before an audience at Villanova University, a Roman Catholic institution on Philadelphia’s historic mainline and one of the oldest in the US, Hilarion said that when the Holy Fathers ... Read More »


Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition

By Gabe Martini I have recently—and on a few other occasions—written about the differences between the Protestant approach to authority and the Orthodox. For Protestants, the final authority or rule is the Bible—a principle known as Sola Scriptura. And while some Protestants have written catechisms and other companion material to the scriptures themselves, these too are held in check by the ... Read More »

BBC: Metropolitan Anthony Bloom – Such People We Have Never Seen

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom of Sourozh

In the following article and interview we meet a living example of purity in spiritual authority. Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh is the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain, a church that sees itself as proceeding in an unbroken lineage from the earliest days of Christianity. Having split from the Western church in 1054, Eastern Orthodoxy today has ... Read More »