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Letters from Taybeh: Receiving the Holy Fire in Taybeh

By Maria C. Khoury, Ed.D. “O Gladsome Light, of the Holy glory of the Immortal Father, heavenly Holy, blessed Jesus Christ!” (Holy Saturday Morning Prayers) Everyone should have a favorite day in the Church calendar and as an Orthodox Christian living in the land of Christ’s Holy Resurrection (in the only all-Christian village still left in Palestine), mine happens to ... Read More »

Letter from Taybeh: With Prayers and Greetings from the Holy Land on the 25th March 2016

Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh, Today is such a big day in Greece (my birthplace) that I must wish all of my Greek friends a Happy Greek Independence Day and its an even bigger day for Orthodoxy to wish everyone a blessed Holy Annunciation celebration. For our many friends across the world who are celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord, please accept our sincere ... Read More »

Letter from Taybeh: Lenten Greetings 2016

Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh, I pray and hope all of you will have a blessed Holy Great Lenten journey filled with many fruits of the Holy Spirit. I started the Holy Great Lenten Journey in the best possible manner on Clean Monday lighting candles at the 4th century ruins of St George and staring down at the Jordan ... Read More »

Letter from Taybeh: Christmas Greetings but still stuck in America

Christ is Born!! Glorify Him!!! Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called  Emmanuel”(which means, God with us). Matthew 1:24 Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh, I wish you a blessed Holy Christmas celebration! I sat in front of my computer screen many times to come up with something inspirational to share but I am ... Read More »

Letter from Taybeh: Return to Taybeh and the burning of a church in Tiberias by Jewish Settlers

Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh, I was very blessed on my last day in Boston to hear who Fr. Christopher Metropolis, the new president of Hellenic College/Holy Cross calls “a living legend”, His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos Ware speaking on “Divine Compassion and the Icon” sponsored by St. Catherine’s Vision.  But I was so nervous about traveling back home to the Holy Land ... Read More »

Letters From Taybeh: Have a blessed Holy Pentecost ‏

Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh, I pray and hope all of you are well and will continue to have all of God’s blessings. I would like to share with you some personal news that one of the happiest moments as a parent is seeing my son Dr. Constantine David Khoury graduate today here in Miami from Ross University Medical School. ... Read More »

Letters from Taybeh: See the Miracle of the Holy Fire

    By Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D. Although I am in Boston finishing a very blessed Lenten book tour with Christina books, my eyes are turned to Jerusalem and my heart is in my husband’s Palestinian Christian village of Taybeh.  However, this year I will see the greatest of all miracles, the Miracle of the Holy Fire, the same ... Read More »

Taybeh Oktoberfest Cancelled‏

Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh, Usually this time of year for the last nine years, I have been organizing  our Oktoberfest celebration and always asking for your prayers since it is a miracle to do such crazy things in a conservative society.   I am sharing this press release because I have not been able to write much else being ... Read More »