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VANISHING CYPRUS: The Mousetrap of Banking

Money-trap of modern day banking systems

By Andreas C Chrysafis April, 2015 (No 73) © Pick up a stone off the ground, turn it upside down and one soon discovers another thriving virus of corruption lurking under it. To the dismay of citizens, a fine web of dishonesty has deeply infiltrated into the social structure of the island. In the absence of Rule of Law, and ... Read More »

VANISHING CYPRUS: Poverty in Cyprus

Cyprus - Elderly Poverty - 2013

By Andreas C Chrysafis March, 2015 (No 72) © In the absence of true democracy and justice, the misconception that people elect a government in the interest of the people is a fallacy and more so today than ever before. The ideals of direct democracy were never applied as envisioned by the great minds and forefathers of democracy. Historically, events ... Read More »


Broken Promises - The death of a new beginning

By Andreas C Chrysafis January 1, 2015 (No 67) © Many people would make New Year’s resolutions and hardly any of them will be kept or come to fruition. One may say, “so be it”. And so, life goes on full of broken promises. In fact Cypriot citizens are drowned by such promises that never materialize: The EU promised us ... Read More »


The Economic Rescue Plan

By Andreas C Chrysafis September, 2014 (No60) © The most important thing to remember when dealing with banks it’s a simple rule; banks are a business motivated by profits; banks are not sensitive to social needs; banks do not take risks and bank managers are not your friends. In fact if banks loaned money at their own risk, there would ... Read More »