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By Gabe Martini I have recently—and on a few other occasions—written about the differences between the Protestant approach to authority and the Orthodox. For Protestants, the final authority or rule is the Bible—a principle known as Sola Scriptura. And while some Protestants have written catechisms and other companion material to the scriptures themselves, these too are held in check by the ... Read More »

Dormition of the Theotokos

Unlike the Resurrection of Christ, the mysterious character of Mary’s death, burial and ascension were not the subject of apostolic teachings extant but were preserved in the oral tradition of the Church. 19 Aug 2014 – Neos Kosmos DEAN KALIMNIOU “If her Fruit, Whom none may comprehend, on Whose account she was called a heaven, submitted of His own will ... Read More »


Introduction In recent times, there has been a subtle but noticeable trend of Byzantine iconography manifesting itself within the decor of Roman Catholic and Protestant churches all around the world. To the discerning Orthodox Christian observer, initially there is joy at the fact that other fellow Christians are adopting and using iconography as an expression of faith, and thus serve ... Read More »

Writings of Saint Nectarios of Aegina: An Anthology of Nectarian Teachings

Selected Passages From the Writings of Orthodox Saints Compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes Christianity. Christian religion is not a certain philosophic system, about which learned men, trained in metaphysical studies, argue and then either espouse or reject, according to the opinion each one has formed. It is faith, established in the souls of men, which ought to be spread to the ... Read More »

The Meaning of “Holy Tradition”

Author: Dr. Guy Freeland (Lecturer in Liturgical Studies and Hermeneutics at St Andrew’s Theological College Sydney).  Source: The Greek Orthodox Youth of Australia in Dialogue 2 (1986): 98-105. The word “tradition” (paradosis) has acquired a bewildering diversity of meanings within common usage. In the present paper, however, I am concerned with only one meaning of the word, that is the ... Read More »