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On Atheistic Fanaticism

Author: Sergey Khudiev June 20th, 2012 Source: http://www.pravmir.com/on-atheistic-fanaticism/ A Typical Attack There are different ways to talk about religion and atheism. A deep, thorough discussion is possible, and I have had occasion to encounter serious, thoughtful atheists who are sincerely aspiring towards an honest and independent judgment. I am genuinely indebted to certain atheistic writers for helping me to acquire ... Read More »

Pussy Riot: The new Soviet League of Militant Godless

Author: Philip Jenkins ABC Religion and Ethics 21 Aug 2012 (Source: http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2012/08/21/3572305.htm) It sounds like a scriptwriter’s dream. Here we have Russia, a vastly powerful country with a floundering democracy, facing the imminent threat of tyranny. That danger is personified by Vladimir Putin, a former KGB man who looks like, well, a former KGB man, as imagined by John Le ... Read More »