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Christmas – Recalling Historical Events

  Fr Evan Battalis For generations in the Old Testament period the world awaited the arrival of the Saviour – The Birth of Christ. The Prophets of The Old Testament foretold this and it took place at the time elected by God for the salvation of mankind – “Who for us men and for our salvation, came down from heaven ... Read More »


By Bishop Theophilos of Campania[1] Translated and annotated from the original Greek[2] By Fr GEORGE DION DRAGAS PhD, DD Protopresbyter *1. The Mystery of the Incarnation. God who is All-Powerful could have liberated the human race from the hands of the Devil by a single command. Had he done that, however, we would have known only his All-Powerfulness, which we ... Read More »

St Ephrem the Syrian – Nineteen Hymns on the Nativity of Christ in the Flesh.

Hymn 1 This is the day that gladdened them, the Prophets, Kings, and Priests, for in it were their words fulfilled, and thus were the whole of them indeed performed! For the Virgin this day brought forth Immanuel in Bethlehem. The voice that of old Isaiah spoke,[1] today became reality. He was born there who in writing should tell the Gentiles’ number! The Psalm that David once sang, by its fulfilment came today! The word that Micah once spoke,[2]  today had ... Read More »

The Orthodox Celebration of Christmas

By Professor Ioannis Foundoulis Preamble: In a few days we will celebrate the great Feast of the Christian world, the Feast of Christmas. The Church will bring once again before the eyes of our soul the event of the birth of the Lord and will summon us to venerate together with the shepherds and the magi the newly-born King and ... Read More »


CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2013  STYLIANOS By the grace of God Archbishop of Australia to all the Reverend Clergy and devout faithful of our holy Archdiocese Brother concelebrants and beloved children of the Church, Once again, we are preparing to celebrate Christmas and the other Feasts of the sacred Twelve Days following. Yet, the phenomena of international violence, together with crime of ... Read More »