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Revolution of the Mind: Cyprus Elections – 2016

Andreas C Chrysafis What do I think of the upcoming May 22 elections? Not much! We see braying men and women as well as braying donkeys; senseless loud talking is none other than braying and we hear plenty of that, but no substance; politics have been reduced down to vocal slugging matches without dignity! The electorate are none the wiser ... Read More »

VANISHING CYPRUS: Poverty in Cyprus

By Andreas C Chrysafis March, 2015 (No 72) © In the absence of true democracy and justice, the misconception that people elect a government in the interest of the people is a fallacy and more so today than ever before. The ideals of direct democracy were never applied as envisioned by the great minds and forefathers of democracy. Historically, events ... Read More »


By Andreas C Chrysafis December, 2014 (No 66) © Among the ashes of despair there is always a glimmer of hope that one day, a day will come when common sense will prevail to stop the burning of children on the alter of peoples’ hatreds and deficiencies. Today, violence seems to have mutated into barbarity; all in the name of ... Read More »

VANISHING CYPRUS: “Bellows for Justice in Cyprus”

By Andreas C Chrysafis November, 2014 (No62) © No one seems to hear the bellowing echoes for justice in Cyprus. Ever since the Turkish military invasion of the island (1974) trapped citizens keep asking why and what is happening to their country…! Why has this elusive justice evaded the island for so many years? Is it because Justice is selective ... Read More »


By Andreas C Chrysafis October, 2014 (No61) ©   It all starts with one idea – the power of the mind! An idea actually never dies but blossoms into a powerful force that can make radical changes or it can equally grow into a powerful bad idea to be used for evil purposes. The world has seen both and yet ... Read More »