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Socio-Political Commentary: Greens under Di Natale pose a danger to Australian freedoms

The Australian, 28 May 2016 Janet Albrechtsen Just over a year after Richard Di Natale’s surprise accession to the Greens leadership, it’s time to lay bare for voters the baloney that greeted his promotion. Remember how sections of the media told us that the smiling, homely doctor promised a more middle-of-the-road party? Propagating that line last June, The Monthly cooed ... Read More »

WA Government MP hits out ‘militant’ gay tolerance program for schools

A Western Australian Liberal MP has warned colleagues and parents about an anti-homophobic bullying program for schools that he claims is a gay “lifestyle promotion program”. WA Government backbencher Peter Abetz has hit out at the program that promotes tolerance and understanding of teens who self-identify as gay, lesbian or transgender. The ordained former pastor of the Christian Reformed Church ... Read More »