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Pontian history is Australian history

An excerpt from a speech made by historian Dr Panayiotis Diamadis 5 Jun 2014 Panayiotis Diamadis The evidence from Australian sources is overwhelming: the fates of the indigenous Hellenic, Armenian and Assyrian peoples of Anatolia and eastern Thrace constitute a pre-determined plan aimed at their extermination. This plan, which resulted in the deaths of millions, developed and implemented by the ... Read More »

Anzac Parade

The whole Gallipoli campaign was fought in an area where 35,000 Greek people were forcibly removed from their homes and many were killed 4 May 2015 “Australian soldiers, sailors and pilots saw columns of Armenian, Assyrian and Greek women and children being forced along the countryside in death marches. They saw their pitiful, bedraggled state. The homes, churches, monasteries and ... Read More »