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Elder Epiphanios Theodoropoulos: On Psychiatric Illnesses and Demonic Possession

Elder Epiphanios was asked: “Many Christians maintain that psychiatric illnesses are due to demonic influence and, with this viewpoint, they reject the use of psychiatric medicines. What do you have to say about this position?” “A certain percentage and, furthermore, a small percentage of ‘psychiatric patients’ are really possessed. The majority, however, of psychiatric patients are not possessed nor are ... Read More »


FACTS IN BRIEF Title: God’s Power within You: Attitudes for Living Author: Dr. Peter M. Kalellis, PhD. Publisher: Paulist Press (New York/Mahwah NJ: 2010) ISBN Number: 9780809146550 Pages: 100 REVIEW The Roman Catholic publishing house “Paulist Press”, has usually been quite adept at selecting and publishing good quality works of theology, Christian spirituality and pastoral ministry. This particular work under ... Read More »